Witchin’ Ain’t Easy

Intense action, cool weapons, LOADS of monster slaying… and boobs.  That’s right kids, I’m talking about the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and why you should be playing the hell out of it right now.

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The TBoD Podcast – 84 – False Predictions and Empty Promises

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the the very special two year anniversary episode of our little podcast. We’ve had a blast making the show for this long and today we discuss how we’ve grown over the years and how our attitudes on games and platforms have changed.

False Predictions and Empty Promises

– eremenko

The TBoD Podcast – 72 – Barry Gibb Looks Like a Lion

Hello again friends,

We’re back again for your weekly dose of gaming news and banter. This week:

Destiny ships $500 milion on day one

Microsoft to buy Mojang?

Embarrassing sales figures for XBOne Japan release

What’s the future of mobile gaming?

PS4 and XBOne GTA V release

And finally……this guy completed Dark Souls, using a Rock Band controller…

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As usual, leave a comment below, or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

The TBoD Podcast – 61 – Burrows of Passion

Hello Teabaggers,

We are firing on all pistons this week and have plenty to cover. Among other things we talk about the rebranding of Xbox, the always controversial Phil Fish and his recent comments on YouTube revenue. Dean Hall has set up his new games company and he wants it to be the Valve of the South Pacific.

We also have a chuckle about Sunset Overdrive’s little dig at Assassins Creed Unity‘s lack of female character, then talk about the importance of representation and choice in games. We also wax lyrical over whether YouTube will replace the website as the main source of gaming news. If so we are buggered

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The TBoD Podcast – 59 – Deeply Dippy

Ok folks, welcome back to another episode of the TBoD Podcast, our lively debate this week consists of the following stories;

BF: Hardline leaked,

Dice promise to look after BF 4,

this old article sparks some discussion,

new PS+ content,

right, I’ve been eremenko, like, com, scribe and all that shite
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TBoD Podcast 58 – With an open hand

Another week, another installment on the TBoD podcast.

The topics on the smörgåsbord for discussion this week are;

Xbox stuff,

Frankie is unhappy,

Will Ubi win E3 for the second year running?

Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner …. BATMAN,

Middle Witcher, Assassin of Mordor,



in no particular Order,

Google/YouTube is feeling Twitchy,

IFightBears Lumberjack-em-up Fist of Awesome comes to mac and pc,

And Greenlight,

and our Indie game of the week is “Total Chaos“.

As always thanks for tuning in, if you like what you hear leave us a comment or a review on iTunes, if you have a burning question that you need answering in a meandering tangenty fashion by all means give us a shout on Twitter, Facebook or leave a comment here on the blog.

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– eremenko

The TBoD podcast – Episode 48 – Return of the Bat

Welcome back to the stage of victory….. or something less dramatic.

The TBoD guys are back with their regularly scheduled programming, the topics on the bill for discussion this week are;

The Last of Us is getting the movie treatment,

Infamous: second son is set to be a big seller,

Microsoft reduce the price of the Xbox one in a new Titanfall bundle,

Path of Exile is showing devs how FTP should be done,

Duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna BATMAN!


This weeks Indie game is 10 second Ninja

We had some technical difficulties this week so there have been some audio cuts, apologies for that.

As always let us know what you think of the stories discussed this week via the usual portals.

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Thanks for listening,

– eremenko

UPDATE: – Audio has been cleaned up slightly, no cuts in the latest version so re-download latst version.

Reasons My Wife Needs to Let me Get An X Box One.

In this first Teabag or Die Blog, I list reasons to get an X Bone to my wife, the boss. I also nearly go bonkers on Destiny sheep. (The boys from Teabag or Die facepalm.. “What the hell have we gotten ourselves into?”)


Okay, so I took the plunge. I have now entered the warm crystal clear waters of the next gen console world by preordering the Titanfall edition of the Xbone.

(Yes, I prefer calling it the XBone, and I don’t use that in a derogatory way.)

My initial plan was to get it this fall. I mean what owner of a 360 that’s has had it for at least 5 years doesn’t shutter at the thought of the infamous RROD. I am not going out on a limb to say I am with a lot of others who absolutely were going to wait a while and not to get this purchase upon initial release in fear of something similar. So for me, it was fall of 2014, a year after the launch.

In fact, my initial master plan included fingers crossed that in the fall a Halo themed unit would be available. This likely will still happen with either the rumored H2 Anniversary release or Halo 5. But in both cases you can’t bank it will happen in the fall. So I sit here as a self described Halo nut, who has ever purchased a Halo themed console, and who is jumping ship to a different game I have never played? Herecy!! (As a grunt would say!)

But then I caved to hype.. wait.. I can’t admit that! It can’t be true!  Let’s list off reasons why I caved! I mean I have to, why you ask? * sigh *

I am married you see.  I mean I have been married for more years than a lot of the readers here have been alive, so I can give you advice that after such a long time, a good strategy is to plan out your major gaming purchases so its fool proof to your spouse! It avoids things getting thrown at each other and sleeping on the couch. That’s right, I want the damn thing! But SHE needs to agree.

So I spell out the reasons why SHE agrees I should get it, then were in!


    My wife, who is not tuned in on gaming at all, but saw ads ect on the XBone asked me “I suppose you want to get one of those?” Being a guy I stupidly didn’t think this out at all. I was honest and answered RIGHT AWAY. “Yeah, but I’ll wait a year till all the kinks are worked out, will go down a bit in price too.”

    What was I thinking? YES, it was always my plan to wait a year, but DAMN, telling my wife that, on a purchase of something she will never use. Something that will keep me from fixing the grout in the kitchen and repainting the baseboards now has me committing to wait a year. Well played my wife, clearly your 6th wife sense could see I was vulnerable and got a no scope headshot while jumping through a grav lift. I fear I might have lost my man card in fact by such a blunder!

    But wait! There has been no epic fail like the RROD. There has been minor glitches, but nothing of that epic scale.

    The launch honeymoon of blind euphoric love is gone and we can better judge the XBone months later. Easily put it is stable, it is not a lemon.


    We have 2 360’s in the house. One is a slim with a huge drive that runs flawlessly. This is the one my son plays on on the 40 something inch Sony in the ‘Xbox Room’. (Yeah that’s what its known as!) Like most 11 year olds these days, the machine is on MANY hours a week, couple hours weekday nights and on the weekend for at least 4 hours if not many more. Then there is the older unit. Was a replacement for the one that RRODed a few years ago. I believe the HD is 20 or 30 GB. Now this puppy has seen better days. It overheats after 2 hours of game play. But it’s not covered under warranty. No biggie for playing games, and in fact this unit was moved to our main living room  where the 46 inch plasma is so we can watch Netflix, Xbox Video and Youtube on it. (We do a lot of home movies I upload to YouTube and then can stream in HD on the TV)

    But last fall there was an update to the 360 and since then when we try to watch Netflix and Xbox video there are constant flickers on the screen. I went online and this is a problem not yet fixed by the 360 minds and frankly won’t get fixed. (I supposed I can understand)

    But then the WII came to the rescue. That tiny little thing that everyone forgot. Was buried in the TV stand under the Sony. The console that only got pulled out when people got nostalgic to lay Mario Kart.

    The WII has Netflix ability so It was resurrected and took its spot in the living room. In fact we even watch the YouTube vids off of the WII.

    Now the family has become dependent on this as a part of its regular entertainment system. That’s cool, more options, and more entertainment. But then news last week that Nintendo would be closing their online WII support in May of this year has put a void in this entertainment dependency in our home.

    Article here on WII: http://metro.co.uk/2014/02/27/nintendo-turns-off-online-support-for-wii-and-ds-games-4324929/

    So here steps in the XBone. Remember the outrage by so many that at E3 the system was plugged more for entertainment than a games console? Well damn… now this angle is appealing to me.

    So to my wife, I can go buy another 360 for 300$. But hey, in the fall I’m dropping 500$ on an XBone. So why spend 800$ when I can cut to the chase get a better system for this type of set up and just get the Xbone now?

    Reminder: Send thank you email to Nintendo for shutting down their online WII support.


    Yeah, I was harsh to people who have committed to the game Destiny before playing it. So it’s with humble pie that I give a little back to these people and say, I haven’t played Titanfall and have committed to a Titanfall themed unit. But I won’t give a full apology to the Destiny sheep.

    You gotta get games for a console right? Okay, and right now Titanfall is the hottest anticipated game of the year until Destiny comes out.

    So why not, for the same price of just a XBone console, get an XBone with a game I am interested in?

    I’ll be frank though. I am not saying Titanfall is the greatest game ever. I am still miffed at people proclaiming Destiny a Halo killer. But plain and simple I am getting Titanfall as the game I need to start my next collection. I am very happy at I have seen for the game play ect. I have done as much homework as I can reading up on it. Literally watching hours of game play people posted on YouTube from Beta. I get all caught up in Destiny sheep going on tangents on a game that doesn’t have much more than a few screenshots out. (Okay, enough, I will reel myself in from the Destiny bashing. After all, maybe it will be good!)

    Hey, in the end,  I would have bought this game on its own anyhow, so why not save the 70ish bucks and get it packaged?

    You see my wife wouldn’t care what game I got, but if it came WITH the console, and it’s a big release.. “Well honey! We got a great deal!”


    Sad but true, and self explanatory. If the old 360 dies, I get to bug my wife more. I suppose when all is said and done, perhaps all I needed was this reason for her.

So there we are, I think I just need my wife to read this blog. Oh wait.. she doesn’t like my online exploits, refuses to read them.. DAMN.. plan ‘B’ time. On second thought, let her throw rolling pin at me a la Wilma Flintstone, Titanfall might be worth it!

EDIT: Honestly, Bungie I am SURE will hit a home run with Destiny. I just want to see more to feel warm and fuzzy!


TBoD Podcast – 36 – Xbox One Launch Fapptacular

Holla amigos.

The TBoD boys are once again babbling about the latest gaming news in a week that has seen the most press covered launch since Atlantis’ final trip to ISS other topics include; GTA online and it’s first batch of DLC content, exciting news about a PS4/vita bundle heading to the UK, trouble across the board in server-town with Dice’s ultimate FPS BF4, TLoU, Bioshock Inf and the other usual suspects line up for another award ceremony, the Dice summit set to put the gaming world to rights, Telltales new Game …. of Thrones?

As always if you think we rock or suck let us know in the comments, the facebook and the twitter.

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Stay tuned for more content this week as Quim and ‘menko are all set to join the next gen by Friday.

Xbox. Think of witty post title.

Hello! I’m Dave, I’m pretty new to TBoD. I took a leap out of the shadows (and work frankly) to go to the #XboxOneTour that was on last week in Dublin, Ireland. I managed to play the Xbox One and it’s biggest titles. This is how I got on.

The Venue

Xbox Ireland kindly had the event in a proper theatre, this one in fact – The Ambassador. With the upstairs filled with FIFA 14 and Killer Instinct and the downstairs with the rest. Silly me thought it was a free bar but hey, Heineken at least do have Xbox green bottles!

The Console:

Whisper quiet while being in a plastic case, the Xbox One really didn’t struggle with a stuffy room and no real ventilation to speak of. In terms of accessibility of ports, it doesn’t fare as well of any of the 360 designs with only one port accessible on the side of the console. You won’t want to be plugging your XB1 controller directly into this console. The bind button is an odd inclusion due to Kinect being able to pair controllers, maybe this is a sign of a kinect-free bundle in the future?

The console itself really does remind me of a VCR but only in size, it’s really meant to disappear into the background. In the future, with Kinect, voice control, wireless accessories and digital game downloads this may be the first console you really won’t have to touch. You probably won’t want to touch it either; it is a total fingerprint and dust magnet.

The Controller:

For a controller that’s had ‘reportedly’ $100 million spent on it, I struggle to see where. The battery pack never bothered me on a 360 controller, and truth be told I never went back to a 360 controller after the event so I can’t say how big a difference it makes but it is certainly a more comfortable controller, mostly down to the soft and grippy finish it now has.

While everything still feels ‘just right’, the only big improvement I noticed is the triggers. There is a recurring and noticeable theme emerging with the Xbox One and that is logical decisions that seem unimpressive on paper but are just huge game changing things when you experience them. These triggers (when used properly by games) can really immerse you, driving around a track and being able to tell when you’re losing grip, when you’re hitting grass just by the feeling in each trigger is truly amazing and trumps any other Xbox One or PS4 controller feature I’ve had a chance to use. However, this wasn’t noticeable in any other game I played, another sign of potential to come I think.

Quick pro-tip, no more wired only controllers! Just plug a micro USB lead from your Xbox One into your controller and you’re good to go!

The Kinect:

I’ve only had a brief hands on with the Xbox One’s Kinect and it wasn’t used in a navigational capacity so I can’t comment on that functionality just yet. However, I can say from playing Kinect Sports Adventures that they are accurate enough. I’m not totally sold on them though, as it struggled to cope with 4 people playing Just Dance 2014, mixing up our characters and generally not working well. I won’t pass judgment though because it was in extreme circumstances, I’m sure it performs better at home.

The last game I got to use Kinect with was Battlefield 4, and it was very gimmicky. Although the ‘peek’ motion did work, it takes too long to kick into when you’re playing a 60 frames per second FPS. It doesn’t feel natural so I doubt that will be used too much. It does show that Kinect is being taken more seriously by game developers. Looking back to the first gen Kinect, you can see it will be used more, and maybe will finally fulfill it’s potential first shown in the Project Natal videos.

The UI:

The ‘Xbox One Interface’ or whatever Microsoft are calling it today (one rep referred to it as ‘Xbox Metro’ which even I knew was incorrect) is actually fantastic. While I haven’t’ had much time to play with it (I was told to not do that by reps) it switches insanely fast. Not that much different from the Xbox 360 dash but far far more streamlined. Pins look like they will finally be useful, and there is less advertising. Coming from advertising person, I oddly find it refreshing, you’re paying £40 a year for a service, ads shouldn’t be plentiful like they were on the Xbox 360.

Standout Games:

I’m only really going to talk about the most important games of the show in-depth. Here is a quick rundown of the games that didn’t stand out for me. Just Dance 4 is fun but clunky with more than 2 players. Kinect Sports was dull by the end of three laps. Lococycle reminded me of a weird and badly made Spy Hunter. Peggle 2 was AMAZING (but still… Peggle). Zoo Tycoon was adorable but sadly sat mostly unplayed for the entire evening.  I didn’t play Fifa 14.

Battlefield 4

BF4 is possibly the only multi-platform game I’ve played that has had a very noticeable benefit from moving to next-gen. 60 FPS (frames per second that is, not 60 First Person Shooters because that would be ridiculous) really does make a difference.

However, my only gripe is that the map we had at the demo was far too small to work with BF4’s controls (which are typically much more long-range), a lot of people were messing around with their sensitivity settings. This isn’t something you’d want to be doing during a limited time demo. The sound in BF4 really stands out too, most notably when my friend who came with me to the Xbox One Tour event laughing as I recoiled from an explosion. That’s immersion folks!

Call of Duty Ghosts:

Call of Duty Ghosts with shinier graphics.

Dead Rising 3:

Probably the demo with the most issues, Dead Rising 3 struggled to impress though a flawed demo. The demo itself had no objective bar kill zombies, which I found led to 10 minutes of aimlessly getting killed. The game does have a great sense of panic with the standout moment being seeing about 300 zombies in front of me, darting onto a truck and then killing them all with a combo of an RC chopper with knives for blades.

Its fun, but I couldn’t justify buying it for full price based on that demo. I do have to note that my friend experienced a crash during the demo so it might have been running on old code.


The standout game of the show, Forza joined BF4 in really being the only games that felt.. worthy almost, of a next-gen title. The graphics, frame rate and the aforementioned impulse triggers really do come together to make a special gaming experience. It reminds me of the first game I played on the PS1, Gran Turismo. Just less Jeremy Clarkson for Forza 6 and I’ll be happy!


Pretty much the most confusing game of the show, Ryse was equal parts beautiful and engaging and disappointing. After 5 minutes, the spectacle, graphics and controls all wore off leaving a pretty repetitive game underneath.

Killer Instinct:

Very very surprising, I went into it thinking KI would be a dull F2P (Free to Play) beat-em-up because F2P isn’t fondly referred to by a lot of people. After playing it, I’m a convert, even though it had shocking graphics (as in, if it were 360 I’d be asking questions) the gameplay is quick, responsive and everything you could ask for in a Friday night after the pub game.

To sum it up, this was my Xbox One pre-order before the #XboxOneTour

  • Xbox One Console
  • Play and Charge Kit
  • 12 Month Membership
  • COD Ghosts
  • Ryse
  • Dead Rising 3
  • FIFA 14 (free with console)

After the #XboxOneTour it is now:

  • Xbox One Console
  • Play and Charge Kit
  • 12 Month Membership
  • COD Ghosts
  • Just Dance 2014 (I know.. I know..)
  • Battlefield 4
  • Forza Motorsport 5 (free with console)

In conclusion:

The Xbox is full of logical decisions that really do make you wonder “Why haven’t they done this before?” such as impulse triggers, snapping (I got IE up and it was surprisingly good) and probably tons more I haven’t had a chance to play with. These include features such as voice, the One Guide and more.

Ultimately, the Xbox One is a university graduate. It has worked hard during the original Xbox days to build a solid foundation. It had a fair few problems during it’s teenage years (RROD for one) and is now just about finished college, ready to step into the big world of work.

The Xbox shows real flashes of brilliance, smart thinking and potential, except that potential is yet to be demonstrated fully. Hopefully over the next few years the Xbox finally combines set-top boxes, apps, games into one and really delivers on the promise of a ‘Home Computer’ envisioned a long time ago by Microsoft.  From what I’ve tried, the Xbox One really is just a better version of the 360 at the moment. For me, on day one? That’s good enough.

The TBoD Podcast – 35 – PS4 Launch Jizzsploshion

Another week, another TBoD podcast. Our new permanent line up stretch their vocal chords talking about;

The DRM debate that has escalated due to Sonys new ToS,

a touch of class from MS in the console war,

Crinbot and eremenkos excitement over a potential new Fallout game,

all the excitement and troubles of the PS4 launch,

and in our “we called the dog … ” section we highlight “Obduction” the new title from the creators of “Myst” and “Riven” which has smashed it’s kickstarter goal.

Have a little listen, let us know what you think by commenting below, tweeting us, hitting up our facebook page or leaving a review on iTunes.

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The TBoD Podcast – 33 – 1080 Peed Off

Alright Baggers,

This week we are joined by Crinbot on a more permanent basis to talk all about the things that Games Media have been getting hot under the collar for.

We look discuss the announcement of Season 2 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, a game eremenko and I are really looking forward to.

We lament the ever seemingly rushed launches of each next-gen console and the fact that Titanfall will not be coming to the PS4.

The news about the differences between the consoles achieving native 1080p has added yet more fuel to the fire in this already hot console war. We voice our opinions and read out a few from some of our followers on Twitter.

Occulus Rift is something we are really enamoured with and it was recently revealed it is coming to both PC/Mac as well as Android devices, something that got us throwing heart signs up all over the place.

Internet archive did a good thing, old games through you browser, amazing.

We salute a developer who is not willing to bow to pressure and change their game just because of a little controversy

And its official, Mario Save Lives!

Let us know your thoughts on any of this or the other points discussed on the cast,


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The TBoD Podcast – 32 – Clutching Our Golden Joysticks Tightly.

This week we are bringing you a trio of podcasts, kicking of the week is our regularly scheduled programming, with guest host Crinbot.

As the next-gen race really hots up we talk about the TV Ads from both the Microsoft and Sony camps.

We chat about Edge’s Top 20 Games Of All Time as well the recently announced winners of the 2013 Golden Joystick Awards.

We also chat the latest about the heavy hitting shooters inbound, Battlefield 4 and CoD Ghosts. Plus we prattle on about loads of other stuff too.

And for those interested in buying a full size Warthog, get in touch with @peterbcooper

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The TBoD Podcast – 31 – Watch Dogs Loses Ball

Hello wannabe futuristic city hackers,

Another week and another raft of stories in the gaming industry, some good and some bad.

On this podcast we discuss a few next-gen stories: –

The delay of both Watch Dogs and Drive Club and how that affects next-gen launch in general as well how one outlet is cancelling bundles that included these games.

The PS4’s Red Line of Death.

Microsoft’s further push into TV Programming with show on street soccer.

The Wii U’s recent sales jump.

We also get retro with the return of Road Rash and a 3D remake of the original GTA, as well the 8 bit inspired awesome game “Fist of Awesome”

Also we comb through the latest Q&A with Dave Dunn of Bungie.

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Xbox One or PlayStation 4 – Console Conundrum

The next-gen is almost upon us and as a gamer the upcoming console goodness has been increasingly occupying my mind, so much so that even during trivial matters such as work, my cogs are constantly whirring at an ever-increasing rate to fathom out which console to go for. I have both the XBox One and the PlayStation 4 pre-ordered and the time has come to choose a side, and I need help. But before I throw this to the arena for you to give your opinions I thought a background on my increasingly tumultuous thought process may be in order.

It all started way back in February when the Haus of Shuh revealed their plans for the next iteration in Sony’s prestigious gaming history and I, like many of you, was impressed by what they flaunted on stage. The opening vista of Killzone: Shadowfall, the support of indies and pretty epic hardware that console gamers have been drooling over. I recently bought a PS3 and have to say I do think it’s a pretty great platform (bar the controller, more on that later) however for my sins I am an Xbox player by and large, choosing to do pretty much all my gaming on Microsoft’s current console, with much of that time passed having played Halo, I love Halo. For me in general though the XBox 360 is just better, it’s more social, has a better controller, an easier GUI etc etc. So with Sony being first out of the gate with their reveal I was eager to see if Microsoft could come out with the goods.

My wait would end three months later, with bated breath I sat patiently watching the countdown tick away, then rather impatiently waited through Major Nelson’s pre show babble and finally it began. I would see what I would be playing on for the next seven years. It’s on! Look at all those awesome….sports…..and T…V….shows…yaay. To say the least I was a little confused by the whole reveal, and the following statements both conflicting and unpalatable, always online, can’t share games etc all of it left me a little glum. Microsoft butchered my expectations and as the month went on and as the bungles continued they literally gutted those expectations in front of me and cooked up the sweet meats and served them as a TV dinner, so along with the rest of the internet I pulled the napkin out of my collar pushed back in my chair and walked out of the Xbox diner.

So off I went along with the rest of the internet over to the food truck Sony had parked up just outside and realised the food from here looked a lot better. Games by the baker’s dozen, full on support and open publishing for indie developers, all told the social aspects of the platform had been greatly improved and the hardware on paper even trumped that of the Xbox One. The one niggle I had was with the PlayStation controller, in fairness to the DualShock 3 it isn’t the worst controller in the world but in my opinion it’s not far off, it is small and flimsy and those thumbsticks might aswell not be attached the amount of good they do. Conversely the 360 controller is a tour de force in-game input and frankly made me happy to hold it. However reading reports about the DualShock 4 being worlds apart from its pigmy predecessor and claims it was even better than Microsoft’s current gen offering I thought “Screw it, this is my next-gen console” and the pre-order went in.

Happy in my choice I was more than ok to watch the news unfold for both consoles, particularly in Camp Redmond which each week seemed to be in the press for one thing or another, good or bad. It seemed to be one gaf after another for a time with their mixed up messaging and overly corporate double speak. A day came (about a week later) when Microsoft finally heard the raging mob on Twitter and reversed their always online policy, however I was still scorned from what I perceived as their initial attempt to shaft me. Of course that wasn’t the only U-turn, they changed their policies on pre-owned games, lending games to friends, including a headset and then being able to turn off the “always on” Kinect. Essentially what Microsoft did was bring everything in line with Sony’s stance in the most crucial areas.

Regardless of what you think the reasoning behind these changes were, whether it to please gamers or to maximise profits, which lets face both companies are trying to do on both counts, to me it seemed that all my objections were gone and the XBox One became a product I would quite like to have for the first time. But was it worth choosing over the PS4? Well just to be sure another pre-order went down, you know, just in case, then cancel it later when I was sure.

Then came Eurogamer 2013, the day I could hold a PS4 controller and finally be sure I had chosen the right platform for the next few years. So after queueing to get into the Sony area I finally held the controller and to my chagrin it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Now admittedly my first experience was marred by the fact that Blacklight Retribution was an early build and I was unable to invert the Y axis but I did spend about 40 minutes actual game time with the controller so got a decent idea what I would be playing on for the next few years. Now don’t get me wrong the DualShock 4 is by far and a way worlds better than the DS3, the thumbsticks are solid and a lot more response and in fact the whole build in fact feels a bit more premium, however, having heard it was more ergonomic I would have to disagree to some extent, sure it is shaped to fit in my hands more comfortably compared to the last iteration, but to me it still suffered from causing my grip to be a touch too narrow which for me if I were to game for a few hours on end could become a problem. I think this is down to Sony’s insistence in keeping to their “iconic” controller shape. Sorry Sony but that retro controller shape is not applicable these days so move on for the sake of my hands.

The Xbox One controller however was bloody lovely, mainly because its pretty much the same as the 360. Also Titanfall, a console exclusive (maybe), was next level awesome. Also Xbox is an ecosystem I am invested in with a gamerscore and large friends list that would be have to be basically left behind. But on the other hand the Xbone’s features, whilst cool, I wont really use that much, like the Kinect, or wont be available for some time after launch, like video sharing to YouTube. It is a good product in my eyes but feels rushed and unfinished in some areas. Also I don’t think I am the target audience for the One, sure I love Halo, I mean it cemented my love for video games as a grown up, but I don’t play Fifa/Madden or Call of Duty or watch much TV and that’s where Microsoft have their gaze fixed. They have cast their net wide but it seems the catch of the day isn’t me.

So that puts me back at square one. Do I go with the PS4 – a product which has the raw power and variety of gaming experiences but to me is a little lacking in having a truly great controller, whose launch exclusives don’t grab me and lets face don’t have the proven chops for a seamless online matchmaking experience, or do I go for the Xbox One, home of Halo, a brand I am invested with solid input and online infrastructure but which seems to a degree to exclude me from its demographic from the outset.

If you made it through this read then thank you and if you have an opinion on what I should choose answers on a postcard please, or in the comments below. Any advise will be taken kindly. Thanks again.

-The Quim Ninja

The TBoD Podcast – 28 – Eurogamer Queue Expo 2013

This week took a jaunt to The Big Smoke for this years Eurogamer. We got to experience some of the latest and greatest next-gen queues, and at the end of those queues we got  to play some sweet games. This podcast is about those games, and queues.

The games we got to play were: –

On PS4: – Blacklight Retribution, Octodad Dadliest Catch, Driveclub, Knack, Resogun,

On Xbox One: – Battlefield 4, Titanfall, Dying Light.

On PC/Occulus Rift HD: – Dream, Surgeon Simulator (Rift), Skipping Stones.

On iOS/Android: – Fist of Awesome, Framed.

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The TBod Podcast – 27 – Not Big in Japan

What is up listeners/readers/humans

We have another reasonably well versed episode for you this week where we chat about:-

Adverts brought out by both Sony and Microsoft for their respective consoles.

The leaked Xbox One beta dashboard video (which has since been pulled)

The new raft of PS Vita products, Vita TV and  the new slimmer Vita, which are making their way to Japan, as well as the Japanese launch date of the PS4 on their home turf.

Eremenko’s love for samurai’s 

Some GTA goodness, especially how bloody expensive that game was to make!

And also a very weird and hilarious video featuring a modded Left 4 Dead 2!

All this whilst watching Match of the Day!

Leave us some feedback in the comments, cheers!

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The TBoD Podcast – 26 – Right in the Googles.

Bonjour Baggers.

Welcome to a super bumper jumper edition of The TBoD Podcast. We go loooonnngg!

In this episode loads of stuff, here is some of it: –

All this and a heap more. Please leave us some words in the comments, preferably in a coherent sentence, thanks.

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TBoD Podcast – 25 – GTA V PAX a Punch

We are back again to drop back on a few things in the realm of games.

This week we talk about two games that caught our eye at PAX Prime (full round up coming next week): – Those being the monochromatic adventure Betrayer and the highly capable Telltale Games’ A Wolf Among Us

We examine why the freshly announced Nintendo 2DS is much better than many make out.

Then in a special section we discuss some of the latest news for GTA V and why we are getting so hyped about it.

If you like the look (or sound) of any of what we discuss today leave a comment, thanks.

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TBoD Podcast – 24 – Super Master Chief Brothers

Greetings consumers of interactive media, here are bringing you Episode 24 of The TBoD Podcast and it’s a doozie.

Before diving into the show proper we show our disapproval toward Connor White, Co-Founder of the AGL and his blatant cheating in the Halo Global Championship.

We then talk about the numerous announcements from Xbox camp since our last show, including the Project Spark beta and Steve Ballmer’s retirement.

We cover Sony’s explanation for their several verbal salvos at Microsoft and the cross-platform party chat they plan on implementing.

We also preach on Batman, Beyond Two Souls and Dice and Destiny.

Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think, we will be sure to give you a shout out next show.

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TBoD Podcast – Episode 23 – Gamescom 2013 Teil Eins

Gutentag Teabaggers

Thanks to a technical bumbling we are later than usual but this show is sure to cater to your thirst for gaming news straight from this years Gamescom.

Naturally we discuss all the information so far about the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4

We also get blood flow for Battlefield 4 and discuss the subscription model taken by Elder Scrolls Online.

An article Quim clumsily mentioned regarding AMD’s latest texture technology that only the PS4, and not the Xbox One, will take advantage of can be found here.

This and a ton more stuff on TBoD. Please leave a comment and rate us on iTunes. Thanks!

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TBoD Podcast – Episode 20 – The Cable Guys

Ello Ello Ello,

Welcome to a bit of a landmark for us, Episode 20 of our little old podcast.

The boys mark the occasion by talking about cables for a bit then share their latest foray into games they have played this week.

They then get their pundit on with regards to the latest Xbox One and PS4 news and non news aswell as the latest exciting tech news out of camp Nvidia.

Finally they answer a listener question from last week on what franchises would make us choose one console over the other.

We had a bit of fun (and ice cream) making this one and would love to hear your thoughts, leave us a comment or tweet us. Cheers me dears.

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TBoD Podcast – 18 – Big Willy Style

It’s hot as balls out and Quim got the fever – the hay fever – but that doesn’t stop the TBoD Capo’s in their quest to cast.

In this Ep (between Quim’s sniffles) the lads share their views on the following news stories and points of interest: –

Microsoft’s plan (or lack thereof) to release the Xbox One in Japan.

Darth err Don Mattrick’s plan to get Microsoft to buy Zynga years ago.

Those launch day next-gen consoles all gone on Amazon.

They then get a little excited about GTA 5 gameplay shown in the latest trailer!

All of this plus the usual quick fire stats, dogs named Indie (minus the soundbyte) and how eremenko is going to blow a load on the Steam Sale

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Please leave us some comments people. Thanks.

Artists impression of blue Exoplanet discover by Hubble telescope

Artists impression of blue Exoplanet discover by Hubble telescope

TBoD Podcast – Episode 15 – Better Than Real Life.

Teabag Or Die Assemble!!!….Today we are almost at full force, with The Wach and Crinbot joining us for a chin wag.

We talk about Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Kanye and Kim’s Kid, a new gun shaped peripheral coming out which has some fancy features and the Occulus Rift getting Steroscopic 3D Video content!

Not only that but we talk about the Xbox One-eighty that occurred last week when Microsoft reversed their DRM plans. We also chat a bit about the PS4’s UI as seen in an advert and that was dissected by IGN.  Leave us a comment on anything we have discussed, we want to hear from you!

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TBoD Podcast – Episode 14 – The E3 Corral

As the less than witty title suggests this is our round-up of E3. *groan*

We are joined by X Limitz Blackz to discuss what caught our eye and what impressed us most at this years E3 conference. Amongst others we talk about Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Battlefield 4, Mirrors Edge 2, The Division, ESO Online, Destiny and Super Smash Brothers.

As Limitz and Quim consume more alcohol, the burning question over which console is greater than the other start surfacing. However at 2 hours and 30 minutes we had to draw a line under that, look forward to more on this next week.

What games caught your eye the most? Is there something we missed, Hit us up in the comments.

(Edit: – Sorry for the lack of links to what we discuss this week, I was kind of rushed to get this set up, if you want a list of sources, tweet us @teabagordie and will link you up. Cheers, Quim)

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TBoD Podcast – Episode 12 – The Good The Bad and The Cutlery

Due to too much frivolity (read; drinking) during our long weekend we totally neglected to make a podcast last week, so to make up for it today we have a bumper 2 hour episode – you poor bastards.

On this episode you can hear patchy half thoughts on the following things occurring in games and stuff: –

We talk about the upcoming digital card game from Mojang called Scrolls

The new gameplay footage from Zenimax for the epic Elder Scrolls Online.

Bethesda is bringing back Wolfenstein in The New Order

Sega and Nintendo team up to bring us three new Sonic games

Our main discussion is all about the good and bad points gleaned from the info released on the Xbox One following their press release.

Plus we introduce a couple of new segments that hopefully we will remember to do every week.

Take a listen and leave a comment if you have anything to say on this whole charade. Thanks

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TBoD Podcast – Xbox One Reaction Special

Xbox One

It is rather fitting that our 100th blog post falls on this day.

On this special edition of the podcast we voice our immediate reactions and thoughts as gamers on Microsoft’s next-gen console Xbox One.

Minimally edited so apologies for the rough cut but it’s as much as a stream of first impressions as it is a podcast, we hope it gets you thinking.

Please leave a comment, I am sure this has a generated a lot of opposing viewpoints so let us know what you think.


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