The TBoD Podcast – 54 – Unleash the Dragon

Howdy chaps and chapesses,

Here we are again. Another week older, but probably not any wiser; you be the judge.

This week we talk:

XBONE price drops

Virtuix Omni secures funding

Playstation Plus free games for May

New Watch Dogs gameplay video

Civilization: Beyond Earth – wowzers…

Four player narrative coop announced for AC: Unity

Minecraft real-world application awesomeness

More departures from Naughty Dog

Our Indie game this week was Franchise Hockey Manager (chosen by Crinbot, obviously)

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The TBoD Podcast – 31 – Watch Dogs Loses Ball

Hello wannabe futuristic city hackers,

Another week and another raft of stories in the gaming industry, some good and some bad.

On this podcast we discuss a few next-gen stories: –

The delay of both Watch Dogs and Drive Club and how that affects next-gen launch in general as well how one outlet is cancelling bundles that included these games.

The PS4’s Red Line of Death.

Microsoft’s further push into TV Programming with show on street soccer.

The Wii U’s recent sales jump.

We also get retro with the return of Road Rash and a 3D remake of the original GTA, as well the 8 bit inspired awesome game “Fist of Awesome”

Also we comb through the latest Q&A with Dave Dunn of Bungie.

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TBoD Podcast – Episode 8 – Random Access Mammaries

Better late than never, here is Episode 8!

Today we talk about the Beyond Two Souls 35 minute trailer.

We mutter about Microsoft’s next-gen console release date and their plans for pizza domination.

We peer at Watch Dogs and its release date.

We also get brainwashed by a viral video for GTA V.

And we talk about how awesome the upcoming old school gaming expo NERG is going to be.

Plus we highlight medical applications of Tetris.

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The 8 bit intro music is credited to Floating Point – check his channel out and download the track from the link on the video