The TBoD Podcast – 83 – We are all Ocumists – Video

In case you missed our comeback episode it’s now available in video form over on our YouTube channel but also right here on the site.


TBoD Video – State of Decay: Lifeline Review

Hey guys,

Undead labs were kind enough to provide us with a steam key for the latest DLC for the epic Zombie survival game State of Decay, I threw together a quick review featuring gameplay footage from my playthough of the game.

Check it out here or over on our YouTube channel.


Special thanks to The Wach for helping us to secure this review copy.

You can see The Wach’s review in print over on PGCR


Battleblock Theater – Part 3 – Battle Royale With Cheese – Quim vs menko

In Part 3 Quim and Eremenko bin off the co-op missions and get a amongst a bit of the rough stuff. Dropping the facade of playing as a team we dive into arena mode and kick lumps out of each other … who will come out on top the tension is …. well …. there is some tension somewhere I guess.

Watch, comment, troll, subscribe etc.


TBoD TV – Episode 2 – More BattleBlock Theater

Eremenko and The Quim Ninja continue to do battle against the forces of purrr evil in part 2 of their Battleblock Theater mini series.

The Difficulty level ramps up in this one and our heroes find themselves struggling to avoid the pitfalls of life as a strange little animated character … also Quim gets a hilarious new head.

TBoD TV – Episode 1 – BattleBlock Theater

Hello Internets! In this first ever TBoD episode we play Battleblock Theater on INSANE MODE because, well we aren’t sure why… Just watch and troll away in the comments. Thanks!