Surviving … again

The Indie game trend is continuing to gather pace and as Dosser already talked about his pick of the up coming titles Environmental Station Alpha I thought it wise to bring to your attention a little java game I’ve been spending some time with lately.

The Indie Stone have a little corker which is well on it’s way to completion in Project ZomboidCurrently in alpha stage the game is already feeling like an original and interesting concept. Zombie games are ten-a-penny these days and with some excellent titles already available (The Dead Rising series, L4D, The Walking Dead and DayZ among the greatest) it’s a market that continues to grow despite being arguably overstuffed (on brains). Personally I couldn’t be more thrilled I friggin love Zombie games especially when they create a terrifying atmosphere like this one.

Placing you in the shoes of one of the few survivors in the suburbs of Muldaurgh you have an injured woman to care for and no starting resources to do so. Not going down the first /third person route typical to this genre but rather an isometric style allowing you a better view of your surroundings (for all the good that will do you). Graphics are kind of like a really shiny 16-bit game and the whole appearance puts me in mind of Zombies-ate-my-neighbours crossed with The Sims. Surviving will entail securing your safe-house, eating, drinking and perhaps most interestingly … sleeping. This is something you don’t have to do in any Zombie game as far as I can recall and it’s something you would not want to try without the knowledge that your base is impenetrable or your watchman/woman reliable it is a terrifying addition here. As in DayZ the only quest in the game is to survive this seems an almost impossible task and you will eventually die. I have only played the pre-alpha demo and I have not fared well thus far dying at the hands of another crazy survivor and again in a fire. I have not yet managed to survive beyond the second day but the game intrigues me enough to warrant buying as soon as possible. The Indie Stone promise an ongoing development in a manner similar to Minecraft with updates coming constantly adding new weapons, Items and areas. Games like this along with Minecraft and the upcoming Under the Ocean should be admired by the larger studios who really need to take a lesson from this kind of dedication, I can’t help but feel the idea of putting out an unfinished game would be far less frowned upon if future upgrades and dlc were provided free of charge for you the consumer.

a bugged player in fifa 13

How the hell did this get past the testers!?!

Throw into the mix a deep crafting system (barricading, cooking, weaponcrafting) and the option to co-op with your friends (surviving is less painful when you have someone you trust at your side) and you have here a project that might be able to oust even the great Mojang as top Indie developer.

Also this game may well prove to be good training for all of us if things pan out the way Joss Whedon predicts.

Whedon on Romney

Keep your friends close folks ……. you’re gonna need them soon.

Happy Halloween.



DayZ(ed) and ConfuZ(ed)

Day z title card with walking dead zombies

(Want to know how it came to this, read part one and two hereA mountain top at night, it’s cold and it’s pitch black but I am woken by the sound of movement. The smell of death hangs heavy in the cold night air. A light moves through the trees about four hundred yards from my position, someone is approaching on the mountain road they must know I’m here they would have seen my abandoned bike. I watch as the torch light draws closer then it vanishes from sight. A moan from off to my right, the light reappears much closer now I hear some muffled conversation, two maybe three voices French I think, I don’t understand what they are saying but it sounds urgent. A strangled screech, a sound I know only too well, the strangers have alerted an un-dead. More frantic conversation, much louder this time, a shot-gun goes off. The sound seems to ring throughout the silence of the wood, more screeches. The sound of running and limping feet seems to surround me, I had no idea there were so many so close that explains the smell. Staying low, holding my breath and praying that one of the creatures doesn’t trip over me as it hurries toward the sound that alerted them. More shots ring out, a rifle is added to the sound of the 12-gauge. The Frenchmen are well armed, but it’s dark and they are scared, fear is making them trigger happy.

Alone in the dark

This was all I could see

The first scream is chilling, I may not understand the language but I understood that. The fear freezes me in place, I want to call out to them, tell them to run but I can’t. Another scream, close this time. I hear the kick start on my abandoned bike, a survivor trying to escape, he doesn’t know the bike’s tank is empty. Even if he fills it up it’s no good I salvaged some parts from the engine that I thought might come in useful possibly condemning a fellow survivor to death doesn’t feel great. Another shot sounds, then silence I crawl away from the sound and begin the descent down the mountain in the darkness, I’ll never know if the lone survivor escaped. I hope he did.

Emerging from the tree line on the edge of the mountain it’s much brighter now the clouds have cleared and the moon is illuminating everything in a spooky colourless way. I see what appears to be a power station pylons leading off toward a distant city it looks fairly well fortified and could be a good place to set up camp, having hardly slept properly for days the idea of a safe place to rest is appealing. Creeping through the front gates and over towards one of the buildings in the yard I spot a door slightly ajar as I move closer I realise a large hunk of metal blocks any possible entrance to the side however is a ladder. I climb to the rooftop noticing for the first time a tower atop the building but I still cannot find a way inside. I look around the roof top flicking my torch on in short bursts, knowing that using it up here would telegraph my position for miles. I sidle over to the edge of the roof where I thought the ladder was, as I step over the edge I loose my footing and fall.

I regain conciousness flick on my torch to look around, a Zombie is shambling toward me I try to stand but a shooting pain forces me back to the ground, I’m sure my leg is broken I try to stagger away but another Zed approaches from my side. Dazed and confused I have no chance I am quickly surrounded.

They ate me alive….. again.