The TBoD Podcast – 98 – Xbox Upgrade and Firewatch Spoilers

Hey baggers,

In this episode we’re joined by the delightful Panditty talking about Phil Spencer’s comments regarding the upgradable hardware that could be coming to an xbox near you.

In the latter part of the show we are going to get spoilery about the epic Firewatch we’ll give you plenty of warning though so make sure to stop there if you haven’t already played the game.

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As always we welcome your thoughts and comments on the topics in the show so hit us up here or on twitter or anywhere you see the TBoD name.



The TBoD Podcast – Until Dawn Spoilercast – Part 1

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Hello Everybody,

Quim and eremenko are talking spooky stuff this week, in the first of our two part special dissecting our decisions in Supermassive games’ PS4 exclusive Until Dawn.

For those who don’t know Until Dawn is an interactive horror adventure starting Hayden Panitierre and Brett Dalton, heavily influenced by epic genre slasher films and the recently popular adventure games like Telltales The Walking Dead, Dotnod’s Life is Strange and many others.

Tune in to find out how we fared and compare our first run through with yours.

The TBoD Podcast – GTA V Reaction Special

Greetings Bonnie’s and Clyde’s,

This week we are joined by a couple of low life thugs and swindlers to talk about the biggest game since, well, anything. We talk generally about how awesome GTA V is in the first half. After the interlude we continue to talk awesome but with spoilers. So if you are less than 30% in then be careful we don’t ruin it for you. Fair Warning.

Best enjoyed on a stolen iPod.

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TBoD Castpocalypse – The Last of Us.

In this incredibly special episode Eremenko, Spacca Attacker and The Quim Ninja sit down to talk about The Last of Us and just how damn good this game is, no bullshit just admiration of the game and the powerful moments created within it.

[WARNING: – Spoilers and awesomeness throughout!]

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TBoD Podcast – Spoilercast – Bioshock Infinite


We have a bonus episode this week for all of you who enjoyed Bioshock Infinite.

Myself (Quim), Eremenko and Cartoon Robinson sit down and get into the nitty-gritty of the game. We discuss what we made of the storyline, the game design and graphics, the epic music and of course try our best to analyse that ending!

This episode does not merely just contain spoilers for Bioshock Infinite, it is in actual fact ONE BIG SPOILERZORD, so if you have not played it or have yet to complete it then DO NOT listen until you have.

If you want express your opinion on Infinite please leave a comment, we will be happy to discuss the game with you!

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