The TBoD Podcast – 84 – False Predictions and Empty Promises

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the the very special two year anniversary episode of our little podcast. We’ve had a blast making the show for this long and today we discuss how we’ve grown over the years and how our attitudes on games and platforms have changed.

False Predictions and Empty Promises

– eremenko


Out of this World


RPG/Movie studio crossovers are few and far between there have been but a handful of titles that have had massive names attached to them. One early effort from Square Enix and Akira Toryiama produced one of my all time favourite games Chrono Trigger a brilliant RPG with gorgeous artwork and character design from the father of Dragon Ball. Toriyama teamed up with Level 5 latterly for the brilliant Dragon Quest 8 : Journey of the cursed King. Not to be out done Disney have also had a go with the hit and miss Kingdom Hearts series featuring a lot of Square enix’ favourite characters from the Final Fantasy series not to mention an .amazing cast made up of some real big hitters (Haley Joel Osment, David Boreanz, Mandy Moore and the legend that is Christopher Lee) I loved Kingdom Hearts and the sequel but I think that ship has sailed now. Continue reading

TBoD Podcast – 1 – Relevant To Your Interests

In a bid to diversify our content we have cobbled together the first of hopefully many podcasts for your aural pleasure.

Teabag Or Die – Episode 1 – Relevant To Your Interests

We talk Playstation 4, in particular: –

We also wax lyrical about the rather unsavoury rumours on the next Xbox, before talking about Battlefield 3’s new map pack and how much we like Tomb Raider and discuss the good and bad points behind ‘freemium’ games.