The TBoD Podcast – 101 – Let’s Play Responsibly

Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the TBoD podcast. Having finally surpassed our centenary episode we feel like we’ve matured as podcasters and as people so we’re delving into some seriously deep discussions today including;

The rumoured PS 4.5

and the battle between certain Let’s Players and Game Dev’s focusing specifically on a disagreement over Let’s Play footage of “That Dragon Cancer”.

Let us know which side of the debate you fall on by hitting us up on Twitter or in the comments below.

Thanks for listening people.

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Welcome (back) to the Jungle

Zoiie and Cartoon Robinson are back in part 2 of their Tokyo Jungle adventure. In a near future Tokyo ravaged by …. something, a retriever and another dog type thing must find food and further their race in order to survive. Things are looking up this time out until a tragedy occurs…..

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Also let us know what you would like to see us play next and we will see what we can do.


Battleblock Theater – Part 3 – Battle Royale With Cheese – Quim vs menko

In Part 3 Quim and Eremenko bin off the co-op missions and get a amongst a bit of the rough stuff. Dropping the facade of playing as a team we dive into arena mode and kick lumps out of each other … who will come out on top the tension is …. well …. there is some tension somewhere I guess.

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TBoD TV – Episode 2 – More BattleBlock Theater

Eremenko and The Quim Ninja continue to do battle against the forces of purrr evil in part 2 of their Battleblock Theater mini series.

The Difficulty level ramps up in this one and our heroes find themselves struggling to avoid the pitfalls of life as a strange little animated character … also Quim gets a hilarious new head.

TBoD TV – Episode 1 – BattleBlock Theater

Hello Internets! In this first ever TBoD episode we play Battleblock Theater on INSANE MODE because, well we aren’t sure why… Just watch and troll away in the comments. Thanks!