The TBoD Podcast – 37 – Well Hung Voices

Salutations Gamers,

In this episode we try to maintain an even keel by talking about the rumours surrounding Fallout 4, the GTA Online black friday event and what the players think of it. We also give our indie game of the week to the C&C based fan made shooter Renegade X.  

However eremenko and Quim can’t help but show their love for their new toy’s; The PlayStation 4.

We talk about the dashboard experience, the share function, the controller as a standalone piece of kit and in comparison to the benchmark that is the 360 controller. Of course we do talk some of the launch titles too, covering Battlefield 4, Resogun, Contrast, NBA 2K14 and Killzone Shadowfall.

Did you get a next-gen console recently? let us know your thoughts and what games you picked up.

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