The TBoD Podcast – 104 – The Coil Cast

Hello Friends,

We’re back once again, on the agenda this week peppered among our ramblings and coil discussions we’re talking about the misadventures of Nate Drake in Uncharted 4 (spoiler free),  Overwatch (Beta), Game/Platform Partnerships, From Software joins the E3 Lineup and one of our favourite topics Halo comes up with the announcement that H5 Forge is coming to PC.

Do you agree with eremenkos feelings about Uncharted 4 or is it just blatant fanboyism?

Does a Game/Platform Partner ship make you think differently about a dev?

What do you expect the genius behind the Dark Souls series to bring to the table at E3?

And do you think the PC release of H5 is the way forward?

Let us know in the comments below, we always love to hear from you.

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The TBoD Podcast – PrE3 Special – Goldberg Machine

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Welcome fellow Gamers,

That’s right it’s that time of year again, time for the biggest event in gaming. If you’re anything like us you’ve got it marked on your favourite calendar app with a little heart drawn around it, we are so psyched for this years event as we are every year.

In this special TBoD Podcast we discuss the things we are most looking forward to seeing from each of the companies headline events;








and for the first time ever the PC master race will be able to revel in the glory too.

In addition to the run down we also make some crazy/not so crazy predictions of our own.

Have a listen and let us know what you think and we’ll see you at the show 😉

– eremenko

The TBoD podcast – E3 special

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have a special E3 cast in store today brought to you by two out of three of our regular hosts. The topics up for discussion this week are’


Hope you enjoy the show, let us know your thoughts on the top showings and give us a run down of who you would award what in the following categories;

top 3 from each show

Best graphics

Most surprising

Best trailer

Best gameplay

Best show

Most exciting

Most disappointing

Upset not to see

Best in show

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Extremely Exciting Event

Or maybe Elth is Extra Excited? I dunno come up with your own hilarious E related aliteration.

So E3 has come and gone despite being criticised for being a year of sequels there were a lot of gems on show if unlike me you could stop watching the Halo 4 footage on repeat. Said footage has been deeply analysed by the good folk over at dust and echoes and flawless cowboy has been on the ball over at the little English halo blog so I highly recommend checking both out because we are not here to talk about the Master Chief today.

Five games really stood out for me at this years show, without further ado onto the list.


The last Guardian 

Those of you following the progress of this game starring a small boy and his giant dog, bear, koala, griffin thing, may have been as miffed as me by its absence at this years show and the noises coming out of Sony right now are not necessarily good ones as Worldwide president Shuhei Yoshida reassured fans that the game is still in development, but has been experiencing “technical difficulties” he goes on to state that the title will eventually see release but only once it is completely ready. I for one admire such an attitude and fully believe this game will be a rewarding experience well worth the wait. We have all seen what can happen if a game is forced to be released before it is ready <*cough* dragon age 2 *cough*>.

I promised the next four will actually have made a showing at e3.


Beyond: Two souls

Quantic Dream rule the roost as far as cinematic style scripting goes so it’s little surprise that the latest creation from David Cage and co features Hollywood talent. Starlet Ellen Page plays Jodie a young girl somehow linked to a mysterious entity known only as Aiden. The game promises to deliver all of the depth and cinematography of Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit but it appears as if it will be more action packed than Quantics previous offerings.


Tomb Raider

Yup Our favourite desiccator of crypts is back but this time things are different. That’s right it’s an origins story we join a 21-year old Lara and a group of unlikely survivors struggling to escape from a gang of unsavoury types. The game has spouted something of a shit storm in the media in the last couple of days after executive producer Ron Rosenberg passed comment suggesting Lara would escape a “would be rapist” causing an out roar among the usually entirely rational, pro video game British media…… erm, let’s be fair though it’s not as if you ever see that or worse in a film right….. right?


The Last of Us

You could be mistaken for thinking this is another game starring Ellen Page but I’m reliably informed (by sources other than my eyes) that this is not in fact her and that chap on the right is not Nate Drake with a beard either. Naughty Dog are the studio behind the aforementioned Nate Drakes trilogy of adventures on ps3 and they have not disappointed thus far, from the looks of it this title is set to impress. Looking even more graphically impressive than the Uncharted series with an added layer of brutality this action adventure meets survival horror has an epic feel to it throw in a city setting that looks like something straight out of I am Legend and we are looking at a game of the year contender right here.



Maybe …. just maybe I’m getting a little over excited a little to early with this one but watch this video and see for yourselves just where Ninty are going with this survival horror. Now I freely admit I am a zombie fan boy but it’s not the monsters on show that impress here the control system and real time scan, hack, snipe and inventory features which could really add a new level to gaming that has never been seen before. Nintendo may have been criticised for a lack of software at the show for the new console but this effort proves (to me at least) that they have not forgotten the hardcore gamers that made them who they are today.

Anyway that’s five so I’m going back to Dragons Dogma for the night  if there’s anything you think I’ve missed hit me up in the comments, alternatively feel free to tell me you think these games look pants.