TBoD TV – Episode 2 – More BattleBlock Theater

Eremenko and The Quim Ninja continue to do battle against the forces of purrr evil in part 2 of their Battleblock Theater mini series.

The Difficulty level ramps up in this one and our heroes find themselves struggling to avoid the pitfalls of life as a strange little animated character … also Quim gets a¬†hilarious¬†new head.


TBoD TV – Episode 1 – BattleBlock Theater

Hello Internets! In this first ever TBoD episode we play Battleblock Theater on INSANE MODE because, well we aren’t sure why… Just watch and troll away in the comments. Thanks!

TBoD Podcast – Episode 6 – Console Klepto

Word to your Matriarchal Figure,

This week we make a ton of shoutouts,

Talk about the the new Thief game

We mention the new platformer on all platforms Battleblock Theater

We also discuss the usual rumours for the next Xbox and answer some listeners questions including “What is our Everest Game?”

We mention a ton of other stuff I cannot recall when typing this….

We forget to talk about the Castle Map Pack for Halo 4 .. So stay tuned for next week for that!

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