The TBoD Podcast – 100 – The Birthday Cast

Hey baggers,

Happy Birthday to us and thanks for listening for 3 whole years of gaming and geekery, we wouldn’t be able to do it without you and all of the people who’ve given us advice and joined us on the show over this time.

Our top topics center around VR, Xbox, Playstion and PC cross platform play and the top games from the last 3 years.

If we didn’t mention your favourite game of the last 3 years, hit us up and let us know what we missed.

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3 thoughts on “The TBoD Podcast – 100 – The Birthday Cast

  1. “…tell us what your favorite game of the last three years was that would be amazing.”

    Didn’t mean to mix-up your words (from your Twitter message) there – I took it to mean the games I’ve played in the last three years, so that’s where that came from 🙂

    Cross-platform for “Destiny 2” would be awesome! Of course some fireteam frivolity with you guys will be a must if that happens.

    CurrerBell is still going pretty strong in Destiny, but I’ve fallen out of the rotation for the time being. It’s set up a great way that you can jump in and jump out, so there’s always a chance to come back.

    She mentioned it in our comment but Currer did get the Thorn bounty for me. I think of her as my most important vendor at the Tower 😉

    The throwbacks were amazing by the way – Sean made an appearance, quickfire stat, and you BOTH back in the Towers? Priceless.

    A great retrospective as well as looking forward – all the best!

    • I literally signed in to post a comment on your latest blog and noticed this comment. Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I totally accept that I was to blame for that misunderstanding and nether-the-less feel your answer was a great one. It’s a real pleasure to listen to both of your voices again, I am literally drooling at the prospect of cross platform Destiny, it would be the dream to end all dreams for me personally. Thanks for all of your support old friend.

      • You’re fine! Not a problem at all, I just wanted to make sure I actually answered the question you asked!

        Again, it was a great show to listen to.

        Cross platform play would be amazing there is no doubt, I hope both companies can play nice and make it happen, and of course we’d love to see it by Destiny 2!

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