TBoD – Extra Points – 6 – Why Mario?

The exp train keeps rolling, this week The Quim Ninja poses a question about the ancient gods of gaming…. Why did Sonic die out while Mario continues to get stronger with each iteration.

Why Mario!?

Let us know what you think.


1 thought on “TBoD – Extra Points – 6 – Why Mario?

  1. Enjoyed the talking points my friends!

    Running the topic through the meat grinder that is my brain gave me these thoughts in response:

    1.) I think Mario has stayed popular not because of innovation, but because he does one thing really well – the style of platformer that he’s famous for.

    Sure there’ve been changes, but I wouldn’t call them “innovations” I would call them “updates.” The main formula has stayed the same, and no one does it better.

    2.) I enjoyed a lot of Sonic in my day, and his painful fall from grace is the confirmation of my first point – the Sonic games have not kept the winning formula they had going. Speed – as Quim mentioned – was the series bread and butter and the further they’ve strayed from the fantastic use of it in the past games is the further our beloved blue hedgehog has fallen from grace.

    Again, great episode.

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