TBoD Extra Points – 2 – The state of the FPS

TBoD exp is back, this time eremenko poses Quim a question on the state of the modern FPS.

If you would prefer to watch our daft faces as we discuss this topic you can do so here.

Let us know your thoughts on the genre and on our new podcast format in the comments below.

TBoD –  exp 2 – The state of FPS <— right click and hit ‘save link as’ to download


2 thoughts on “TBoD Extra Points – 2 – The state of the FPS

  1. Another EXP in the bag, nicely done.

    I like the new format – the bite-size chunks make me really look forward to the next installment, but a part of me does miss the longer format. So I enjoy both formats. Is that helpful? 🙂

    Good discussion on the state of FPS – I love thinking about it as a possible niche genre, and I love that it sounds crazy to say that.

    The stats you gave were crazy – I thought MOBA’s were big, but not THAT big.

    • Hello good sir,

      Lovely to hear from you as always, appreciate you continuing to listen despite our long absence, we are back now for the foreseeable future. Glad your enjoying the bite-size nature of exp. We will be bringing out some more full length casts very soon they will just be less regular. The new exp format will be too fill in the time in the interim along with our new YT gaming videos just to keep us busy.

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