The TBoD Podcast – 81 – Gettin’ Stuck on the D

Greetings friends,

All the gang is back together on our inaugural fortnightly cast. This episode, we riff on:

Halo 5: Guardians news

Blizzard’s new FPS/MOBA, Overwatch revealed

Arkham City easter eggs still being found

And we discuss the latest trailer for Telltale’s Game of Thrones

Our indie game this week is Zombie Night Terror


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The Drunken Teabag Podcast – We blew up a Halo

Welcome Chief’s and Cortana’s!

Boy do we have a very special episode we bring you the fine young gentlemen from The Drunken Halo Podcast who are live in the studio.

In this show we pose quite a few Halo based questions from Twitter to our guests.

To round the show off it TBoD vs Drunken Halo in Chief’s Play your Maps Right drinking game.

We are proud of this one, hope you love it.

The Drunken Teabag Podcast – We blew up a Halo

The Gaming House Party: Long Live Your King.


The forks in the road in the ever changing video game community. It’s like the big house party where we wander room to room… some more interesting than others. Some we stay in and have a great time for a while. Some other rooms we wander to, we pop in and politely drop out. Then we wander back to a room where we were before and see some familiar faces and new ones. Meanwhile, every once in a while, rumor of another party down the street floats around and some people leave… and some of them come back… churn, churn, churn.

We all have a ‘Favorite community we gauge in our minds as for us personally the ‘Best’ community we had been a part of. The Golden Age of gaming for us. But for most of us, we naturally stray away to new hotness. Sometimes a new version of same game and its community, sometimes new game and sometimes (gasp..) new platforms.

It’s well noted my golden age is around Halo community. Although spanning multiple versions, Halo 3 was my top pick.

But over the years since (and before even) there was the cycle of new games new rooms to walk around and test the waters.. to have fun. This goes back to when I was PC gaming in the late 90’s where copy and pasting IP addys in cumbersome GUI screens to play a laggy 1v1 game that you prayed your ISP held up and then after a game post 1000 word explanation on an AAR was the Golden Age for so long. But a couple of new kings came along, a lot of fun with games and the people in those communities.

This year I feel the community I am intertwined in is having a real banner run. Titanfall and Destiny came out already and have been big hits in their own ways. Another COD that well make fun of but play hours and hours, not one but 2 Assassins Creed and newbies like Sunset Overdrive which makes me faceplam but show that there are cool angles being thrown at AAA studios and titles.

But I cling to the golden age, The Master Chief collection which is here very soon.

Granted I admit since it was confirmed I HOPED it would be good. Because blind faith, the same type I made fun of people who bought into Destiny so much yet I have myself for MCC, had me reading every snippet of rumor/news over the last few months as a so eagerly wait to enter the room again in the gaming house party. I got my party shoes on, shaved, gelled the hair and got my fancy beer ready to go to the party.

343 has added a lot of bells and whistles, that have sold me or at least have me hoping more and more this is not a mere stroll down Sentimental Lane. I think we can all agree, in the Halo party room, that for at least a while once the doors open up on November 11th, well party hard.

So how long does the party go? In a short mess with vomiting and regretful woe? Or do we get bombed and find ourselves months down the road in Led Zeppelin type tour form partying to new dizzying heights with the Golden Age back.. with the King.

But as the expression goes, “Long live the King”, and I hope the king, my beloved Halo is still strong. However I understand that other expression.. “The King is dead.. long live.. (insert next in line to take throne.)

We are in for a treat with MCC. I believe its been a banner year for console gaming no matter  what pans in the final 6 weeks of it.

May you find a cool room to party.. I hope we meet! But most of all.. enjoy!


The TBoD Podcast – 79 – Porn Judge Wang Dong

Goulish greetings Teabaggers!

In honour of Halloween this week, we have a spooky theme running through the show.

More of a discussion show this week, and we also cover:

Black Glove potentially coming to PS4

DayZ – hardcore mode

Fan remake of Resident Evil 2


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