The TBoD Podcasts – 74 – You Look Titan Those Pants

howdy Guardians,

This week The Qum Ninja and myself are joined by ThisIsReklaw and Cut_Masta_C to talk about our early experiences in Destiny. Crinbot makes a cameo apperance as our musical maestro as usual, hope you enjoy the show, make sure you hit us up with your Destiny epic moments either in the comments below or via facebook, twitter etc.

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TBoD Greatest (S)Hits part 2

Howdy guys and gals,

Constraints on time means there’s no regular podcast this week. Instead, we have another installment of our Greatest (S)Hits. So put on some comfy clothes, settle into your favourite armchair or sofa, and crack open some booze to mitigate the aural assault we’re about to put you through.

Also, look out for some Eurogamer video diaries coming very soon.


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The TBoD Podcast – 72 – Barry Gibb Looks Like a Lion

Hello again friends,

We’re back again for your weekly dose of gaming news and banter. This week:

Destiny ships $500 milion on day one

Microsoft to buy Mojang?

Embarrassing sales figures for XBOne Japan release

What’s the future of mobile gaming?

PS4 and XBOne GTA V release

And finally……this guy completed Dark Souls, using a Rock Band controller…

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Snake Oil/Public Beta Test will cure all that ails your game!



A game called ‘Destiny’ got released this week, you might have heard of it. I was very outspoken about it. It was in a polite debate with others when beta testing got mentioned, I then got the itch on a serious scratch. Do people even know what a beta test is? Do they understand what it can or can’t change with a game? Do they even know what professional beta testers even do?


What is a Beta test?

be•ta test


1. 1.
a trial of machinery, software, or other products, in the final stages of its development, carried out by a party unconnected with its development.


Did you read that? FINAL stages of development.


I’m rehashing the debate of so many fans of games with sequels, when they complain the game has become inferior with subsequent copies, that a public beta would ‘fix’ the game in question.

Halo is the best example in my gaming corner of the universe where the debate that ‘Core Halo Gameplay’ is missing and that a public beta test would help fix this in the next version of Halo.

If CORE gameplay, mechanics are broken in a game, beta testing won’t fix it. That would be something an alpha testing round would first of all determine and then either fix or skip. But once your past that point, where the engine basics are set, you are limited to change to essentially the arrays for variables like speed, accuracy, damage of certain objects ect ect. Things that are effectively data in arrays that are always tweaked throughout a games existence pre and post launch.

It IS possible that a combination of these ‘external engine’ arrays can modify gameplay a lot. But if you don’t like the mechanics of a game, that’s a huge bit of work to fix, if it even can be fixed without domino effect or patch spaghetti coding, that effectively throw the QA people to pull the switch and go back to alpha testing. this would be throwing a project into reverse and in the case of a AAA title, costing literal hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions when you factor in potential loss of sales. Do we have a precident? Perhaps… I mean closed beta testing, which happens the vast majority of the time could be behind a game that has been pushed back, but what last AAA title besides Watchdogs had a major push back on release date? It is just something that doesn’t happen alot. But my point is, If there is an engine glitch, unless its a game breaker when flagged only in beta, it normally won’t be changed.

I have brought this up before in other blogs. But now have heard it in podcasts about OTHER games. So it’s all about misinformation. People calling for Beta Test to help their favorite game in most cases don’t understand how testing builds work. I’ll also go on the record that most public beta testers don’t give decent feedback, they basically just like having the game early. I spent a few years doing the often archaic style bug reports when I worked in game testing, where it was a lot more serious because it was our job. That doesn’t mean the layman can’t be a good tester, it’s just the vast majority of public beta testers don’t understand WHY they are beta testing.

Trust me folks, after doing bug/summary reports on dozen if not hundreds of games on various projects, if you ever had to do this after every games like you were supposed to, you would not always be eager to be a tester. Not at alpha level for sure and as far as beta is normally a mass of checklists of things you have rooted out for weeks if not months and can be very tedious. In many cases, a real professional tester often rarely and sometimes never plays a game after going gold. By that point, your sick of it!

YES, beta testing can help solve annoying issues like say the infamous Halo Reach beta grenades which were CRAZY strong and got nerfed for gold version. But these type things are usually tweaked going forward anyhow when a non public beta fails to catch it. These type changes are polish. Whereas core game mechanics are ore the guts and can’t be solved without major overhaul through beta testing.

I know.. I know.. I brought this up before in previous blogs. But I want to stop the misinformation that’s now creeping into a lot of games pitching Public Beta like a snake oil salesman in increasingly more posts I read.

PS: You thought I would rag on Destiny this week? Nah… Activision told me not to on day one…


TBoD 71 – Punching dragons to death


Thanks for tuning in to episode 71 of the TBoD podcast. This week, we discuss:

Destiny live action trailer

Remastered Resident Evil

Consumer rights issues for Valve


Our indie spotlight this week is on Framed

And finally, Many a True Nerd: YouTuber, Redditor, and gamer who completes interesting challenges. The latest challenge, completed at the end of August saw him killing everyone in Fallout 3.

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Halo Players & Their Kids Get Together! Join In!





The Halo community is ready to explode! We soon will be able to play the Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One, Halo 5 will be going to public beta soon after and of course 343 is giving us the Halo channel and movies and … well LOTS OF THINGS!

It’s a great time to be a Halo fan!

Now lets get together a corner of the Halo community that is out there but hasn’t really come together.

I am getting a game night.. day actually because it will allow those in this special community more ease to get together.. HALO PLAYERS AND THEIR KIDS! That’s right, you have heard people mention on various podcasts or read it in Halo forums occasionally where us older players talk of playing our precious game with our kids..



master med

Less than a month before MCC goes public lets have a Father/mother & son/daughter Halo get together!

Now it’s as easy as this, simply LET ME KNOW you want to play in this with your child. Let me know if that date works well for you and what time of day.

Come on! Each family is 2 players, so it shouldn’t be too hard to fill up a party and get this event off the ground?

IT’S ALL FOR FUN! Families play others in ‘family free for all’ or the kids vs parents.. we can play it all! We also will decide what version of Halo to play on beforehand, to make it more appealing to everyone!

Even if you don’t have kids, but know of a Halo player who has a kid, PLEASE mention this to him/her so we can hopefully have them join in on the fun!

Simply email me at if you’d like to join in or have any ideas to add!



The TBoD Podcast – 70 – The Morgan Freeman Mod

Yo Teabaggers,

Welcome back for episode 70. We have super special guest BadMotherLicker joining us in Crinbots absence this week you can find Licker on @megaspaceninja on twitter. He joins in the fun to chat with us about;

And much more.

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