Oh no.. Gagnon is on Vine…





My first, and greatly witty Vine..

Okay, was last February when I got my first real look at Vine. I had heard of it last year, but when hearing about it: a social networking app similar  to Twitter that let you put 7 second looping video clip to communicate.. I ‘Mehed’ and didn’t think about it again.

But it was in fact my daughter, who was the one in February who showed me Vine on her phone as we waiting for my son to hit the ice at a hockey game. As someone who had used it alot, and the fact I can’t ignore my daughter, she showed me some great creative stuff!

Now for those who don’t know, recording with your phone in a simple ‘touch and record’ fashion, you can make a straight single shot video or by taking your finger off at intervals do several sections, even stop motion if your nimble enough. Although you can do edits with music and effects from your PC if you use Google Chrome which allows you to upload edited vids. (Yes,, Ill be doing this.)

There are different categories to help you search for specific vids and people and of course the now presumed hashtag feature to aid in this.

On Vine, you can find already established social Media stars like Harley Morenstein of ‘Epic Meal Time’ fame has over half a million followers and in the 7 second world of Vine has some great laughs in the comedy genre that is associated with him. But there is a new crop of their own stars that keep me laughing the most. There is the Vine immortal Nash Grier, with over 9.2 million followers and who’s vids are often simple, yet epitomize what Vine is. A quick fix of fin that once you open up, you then snap out of it realizing you have been viewing them and chuckling for an hour.


I often complain that on Youtube the internets attention span is too short.. and Vine does take that to a new level of short. (I had to cut down my 2 hour movie ‘A Fridge 2 Far 2’ into 9 parts to get any decent amount of views/exposer) But this limited canvas opens up what I mentioned earlier, great creative stuff!

Whether its someone having a conversation with themself, (Clicking on and off and swapping spots on a couch for example) pranking people, or a simple wise ass comment on something people see in everyday life, you would be simply amazed what people can do with 7 seconds.

Now it isnt all just comedy, there are sectiosn for things like art, DIY, food and a lot of music samples where people audition their talents for maybe future fame. But don’t kid yourself, comedy rules the day with Vine.

Now unlike Youtube, the ‘other’ video web thing, you can’t make money on views with Vine. Now while you can help market your brand if you do have something like monetized vids on Youtube you may point your Vine quickie to, the lack of monetization means the vids are much more genuine. Sure, the people want to to watch and like, but like so many things, when money is added to the equation, it can make things complicated. I mean were talking 7 second vids.. why complicate such a simple thing when its so good as is?

Yeah, I am on Vine. I find it entetaining, addictive and can’t wait to create more propaganda, I mean videos on it for you….

FIND VINE AT: https://vine.co/

ADD ME AT VINE AT: Gagnon 30







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