TBoD podcast – 66 – Skill Tree Huggers

‘sup baggers, we’re back apologies for the delay but we do have a rather special show for you today.

We are joined by three brilliant guests this week David Weeks aka @DestinyAuthor, SpiemanW from @The8bitbeards and last but by no means least @JustinBryce from the Drunken Halo podcast.

This week we’re talking Destiny and all Destiny.

Sit back relax and have a listen to our impressions from the beta.

Skill Tree Huggers

– eremenko


2 thoughts on “TBoD podcast – 66 – Skill Tree Huggers

  1. Well done as always. Essentially, there’s a list of things I liked alot (Marty’s music, Boss fights, enemy designs that remind me of Marathon), and things I didn’t like (not much reward for exploration/not much to explore, PvP, etc.) Maybe if they’d refine story/free roam mode, and ditch PvP (it’s never going to be balanced anyway, and the only good maps are large, long-range battle maps) it’d be great, but as it is now, I’ll probably wait a year till it’s in the bargain bin before picking it up.

    • Thanks for listening as always sir. Yeah I’m sure the balance is something that will take time to perfect but I have faith that they will work it out. For me release day can’t come soon enough, I am super psyched to get started for real, I’m also intrigued to see what other PvP modes there are going to be and just what the map selection will be like. Can’t wait.

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