“Bricks of the Dead” Damn close to full zombie!





It was a about a year ago I hopped onto the Zombie train. After hearing so much about The Walking Dead, I finally started up season 1 on Netflix with Connor. After 3 episodes we were talking about it so much that we restarted with my wife in tow.

We then binged watched until we had caught up and when season 4 started up last fall we were glued to it every Sunday night.

Now Connor and I were passive zombie fans when it comes to gaming. We loved the first Dead Rising and it’s add ons, and also liked Dead Rising 2. (Admittingly we prefer the original) Connor was a huge fan of Plants Vs Zombies, and as COD fans of course we have killed a Nazi Zombie or two.

Hell, we even found a bevy of zombie movies on Netflix, most of them B movies and all worth mostly laughs.

In November we drove 90 minutes to Ottawa to the Fan Expo and met, amongst other crew members Daryl from the Walking Dead.

Connor meets the Walking Dead's Norman Reedus (AKA Daryl)

Connor meets the Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus (AKA Daryl)

Literally good family times, as strange as that may seen to those not bitten by zombie bug.

Now I found, interestingly enough, a side community around zombies and another hobby Connor and I share, around animation/toymations with blocks.

In particular “BRICKS OF THE DEAD”



Now this site does more than Lego Zombies, although they do that exceptionally well.

How well?

How about the fact they are just hitting their 500th ‘Issue’ of their web comic. A comic which I look forward to each week and that is done at a very high standard in quality of story and visuals. (Pretty well all you can ask for in a comic!) One feature on their website I enjoy are character bios. To me this shows the thought and thoroughness put into the web comic one can’t help but admire.

But back to the other things it covers. It covers zombies, plain and simple. Reviews of zombie games, movies, books and more.

This wide array means it appeals to so many different fans of the zombie community. From cartoon to the most realistic movie, from comedy to dark & depressing, if it loves eating brains… it’s here!

They are active on social media as well, and their aforementioned website is organized and looks sharp. I urge you to visit their website and if you do the twitter thing to add them.


Bricks of the Dead has a great thing with its comic as a standalone, but they truly serve the bigger zombie community.

Yes, you never go in ‘Full Zombie’ but Bricks of the Dead gets close.. as close as you can without getting bit and turning…

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