FPS Community: “Put on your headsets & be nice!”



Look, if the ****ing Wonderpets know about teamwork, then online gamers should as well

No no no… lets try again…


(Spoken as Tarzan) Back many moons ago, Gagnon30 was not amungst us. I lurk amongst shadows in PC gaming as long name which begin with clan prefix. That is right.. mysterious animal of clan which hold most high honor and teamwork…

Wow.. that was REALLY bad….


I am a team player. I was a hockey goalie for years, and it’s a position that you can’t be a lone wolf and be successful. So its kind of engrained in so many things I do that teamwork equals success. Now that doesn’t mean its probably a wicked feeling to win a individual type tournament/sport like say golf. But the feeling when a group comes together to win is incredible because you can share the feeling with your teammates and have faced similar hurdles you collectively overcame. For gaming, I am a team player as well.

I am not happy that team oriented games, the backbone of multiplayer online gaming, is not really in optmal shape.

But what I find now is alot of people complaining about the games they play and claim to be fans of, not to mention speculation rules the day… mostly on people wanting to ‘fix’ things they think are out of line in their corner on the FPS world.

Personally, I don’t think things are broken, because the use of the term ‘fix’ so many use implies something is broken.

It boils down to games doing new and different things with each new release to justify their existence to some degree.

So for me it’s a matter of ‘changing’ things, not ‘fixing’.

Not too long ago, I listened to Podtacular’s episode 421, Dusty & Brent hit up that simply scaling back on ideas, would perhaps help the Halo community going forward. I think he is right. I don’t knock new things, but I believe Brent’s thoughts that is if some things that were there in the past are back, that the community would be a lot stronger at this point in the Halo franchise game cycle. Even with the Master Chief collection coming down the pipes having us giddy, we cant forget to discuss what will help out. It also applies to any FPS franchise IMHO.

We’re talking teamwork, were talking headsets.

Yes, by doing something ourselves, not the devs, we all used to do not too long ago, we can change the games we love back to better.

In the Halo 3 days, the minority of players were the ones who DIDN’T wear their headset, especially in team multiplayer. It lead to better gameplay and a healthier social experience.

One thing LONG gone for myself is adding XBL friends as much as I used to in those H3 days. I mean if you can’t interact speaking with players, you likely won’t party up after a good match, you likely won’t add them to your friends list. With my Xbone now and the 10 fold of friends my list maxed out to.. I have added maybe a dozen friends in 2 months.

Frankly I don’t feel as encouraged to play certain games because multiplayer has become a solo thing because of the lack of social action that more active headset use brings.

I will of course blame the lack of universal headset use on COD. Because even though I was a huge COD fan up until the first Black Ops was released (I liked Black Ops1, the games after this have let me down) The COD lobbies were chalk full of trash talking kids, who took in into the game and gave crap to their teammates all game long. There was no respect shown by most over the 10 kids talking at once and whoever could be loudest as calling the other “A f***ing tryhard” louder than the other was apparently the BMOC.

Sure enough while there were always rogue guys like this in Halo 3 lobbies, Halo Reach lobbies became infected with these type jerks as well. This led of course, (Or at least obvious in my mind) to people simply not using their headsets who used to. They didn’t want to deal with trash talking kids/jerks. The next step of course is totally new players pick up Reach and just assume that, “Hey, nobody uses headsets so I won’t.” And the Halo multiplayer culture changed to one which was headsetless. Team oriented games took a turn for the worst.

Whether I try to play Battlefield, any COD, and Halo or even new releases in the FPS world like Titanall or even Plants vs Zombies “Garden Warfare” most players, VAST majority in fact don’t wear headsets.

I even had an interesting conversation when playing Titanfall in March with a guy who happened to buck the trend and actually HAD headsets on. I made a comment to the tune of “Wow, great to actually be playing with a teammate who I can properly communicate with. I mean we should all have headsets since the XBone came with one!” The reply he told me was that he had a nice new pair of Turtle Beaches, but that all his buddies were taking their XBone headsets to places like Gamestop and getting 10$ for them. They don’t use them.

Apparently Gamestop will have the factory version headsets in stock for the rare birds like me who use them. No wait, the trash talkers must be buying them, since they represent a big chunk of headset users. As a left handed person, I am used to being the minority!

Now, Halo Reach had a feature I loved. You could set up preference in the type of player you could be partied up with. So by wanting a ‘chatty’ player meant they would have a headset. Now of course it could potentially be a trash talker, but with the law of averages if they all had headsets you were bound to find a good honest to goodness group of guys who wanted to chat and have fun using the headsets to communicate properly in a team oriented game.

Yet this feature was NOT offered again in Halo 4. UGH! Progress gone!

A mandatory headset feature/lobby would rock.. but the point here is what WE can do with what we have for now.

As I do a reread of this little ramble, I can sum things up that one thing that can make FPS that much better. To be more like that golden age we all yearn for again, we can help by wearing headsets we can get alot closer to that era. Communicating will help the games become more interactive/better, and help make any games community stronger by having us know each other better.

That’s right, lets get our torches, pitchforks and headsets on AND IMPORTANTLY take the trash talkers out of it by being in full force a responsible community member who wants to help his/her game by being a team player and a positive community supporter! Be the example of what you wish everyone in the community was like! When we are not doing this, we are then letting those trash talking squeakers win. Those jerks who effectively ran us honest community folk right out of our headsets years ago!







It is such an easy thing to do and when we are not doing it, it means were not getting the most fun we can from any games experience.

INSERT CLICHE HERE: “Lets be part of the solution, not the problem.”

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