Video Features Will Help You Appreciate Old Games





So I do have a bias towards videos/machinima. I myself make them, so there is the bias!

Now the next gen consoles of course allow you to take, edit and upload vids of game play very easily now. So yeah, a guy with video game and video making hobby like me is very happy!

The Xbone has the Upload/Upload Studio Apps. They allow you to take the 30 second to 5 minute clips you record and do things like some basic editing and send them either to your Xbone world, but also to your Onedrive (Formerly Skydrive) so you can download them to your PC and then take it one step further and edit with even more powerful software. While sitting on the Xbone you can even use the all seeing Kinect and record voiceover with vid of you sitting there, picture in picture if you want. Hey, if you’re a true gamer, consider it a picture of you in ‘your office!’

I also know the PS4 offers similar ‘Save and Share’ for clips up to 15 minutes long. I don’t think it has edit feature but with 15 minutes length and the fact you can put it on a USB key to edit on PC later.. it sounds like a cool feature as well!

Now although I tinkered a bit with the Xbone Upload when I got the machine back in March (It was a Titanfall launch baby) I only recently began to post vids more seriously I it with a new series “Gotta Love Titanfall”. As a shameless plug, it is short videos on cool, funny &/or strange things that happen in game.

Here are 2 examples of ‘Gotta Love Titanfall’

I have spent quite a few hours more than I would like to admit in front of the Xbone watching not only clips others have posted on Upload, but Twitch streaming of a ton of different games. There is no question going forward that this seems to be more than a trend but a key part of gaming culture and entertainment.

But what REALLY set me off on loving Upload? How about the Master Chief collection!

I mean think of it. We all have a game that in the past few years was OUR GAME. We played it to death for countless hours, met friends and had uncountable good times. For me, as most know its Halo.

Now Halo had of course infamous Machinima. From Red vs. Blue (Honestly for one season it WAS funny) to The Spartan Life and hundreds of other shorts. I mean I still remember waiting for each weeks release of ‘Fails of the weak’! But these were reserved for those with the proper capture card/video edit set up to do it. (Not to mention time.) We got a lot of entertainment none the less.

But unquestionably there were so many layman gamers without the resources who had great ideas and/or moments from in game that never came to light because a feature like Upload and ‘Save & Share’ did not exist. BUT NOW THEY DO.

So on November 11th, a key thing I will be doing after I camp out to get my midnight release copy of the Master Chief Collection, is recording clips till the cows come home. Yes, “Gotta Love Halo” is born. But Ill also be scouring the interwebz for what will be the launch of a million vids similar that will now pop up thanks to this cool feature on the next gen consoles!

It won’t just effect random corners of any games universe either. You can have ‘Lets’s Play,’ speedruns, walkthroughs, funny clips, MLG battles, and things like forge have their own videos EASILY Made and shared. No matter what type gamer you are, you can likely find a video you will enjoy about the game you enjoy.

I think bringing old (Halo) with the new (Upload) will truly help us appreciate the new gen that much more.

If you haven’t used these feature with your Xbone or PS4… I recommend you look it up, there is a more than good chance you’ll be entertained! Join in on the addiction, I mean fun!



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