Podcasting for the Community…

Please note: I am writing this weeks blog as a regular listener to Podtacular. I am not representing them nor does anyone from PT know I am writing this. With the other podcasters that were on the show mentioned in the article, I found them articulate and will listen to their shows to see if they come off just as well on them. I merely wanted to discuss a point that came up!





Listened to Podtaculars Episode 429, which was based not around Halo, but part 2 a show featuring its sister network podcast teams on the topic of podcasting itself.

In the description of show its notes:


  • This is the second episode in a series where we talk to the creators and hosts of shows featured on thePodKast.com, our gaming podcast network. Our topics for this show involves where we come up with the content for our episodes, what drives our discussions, how our sites facilitate our shows and how we promote the network. Guests includeAgro from Kritzkast, the TF2 Podcast, Mark Turcotte from Guardian Radio, a podcast dedicated to Bungie’s upcoming title Destiny, and Jon Shute from How to Murder Time.

Good podcast. All the parties are no question enthusiastic on what they do and serve their communities well.

Here is a point though on when PT got called out for website and forums ect. In short the other guys seemed to think having a website and things like forums was not needed for a podcast, it was up to others in thier comunity to facilitate these type things for the community. I got the impression they found it a waste of thier resources.

Okay, it boils down to the fact I think the other podcasts didn’t take longevity into account. They didn’t respect (I use  that word non maliciuously) what that means and brings to the table. In fact their own lack of long history like PT didn’t allow them to understand why PT supports a website/forums ect.

Podtacular in its history goes back to when these things were a must on all communities. Also when a podcast essentially had to have these things as they were, (For most games communities) merely spinoffs of their community website.

Not only that, but PT’s long history has seen them support their communities between different titles, and at times ‘droughts’ in the community. While the Halo community was so massive that there were many that still survived these lulls, a lot of them faded away or became (Cue in dramatic ‘duh duh dunnn’ sound clip) became ‘General Gaming Podcasts.’ A lot of community websites and forums disappeared.

So now that people are climbing back on the Halo bandwagon, PT offers the forums and website that fans loved in the past AND that were lost when other online places went the wayside.

Now while the other podcasts represented in the show seem to have a great read on what’s happening on podcasting, I say cutting edge as their views showed they know their stuff. They certainly may know the dynamics on podcasting and how on their own they can survive without home base websites, forums ect. Hell, I am an idiot with these things! But for these ‘more modern podcasters’ I think they are a lot like a rookie on a sports team that has all the talent, that is in its prime, but that lacks a little something that could bite them in the ass or hold them back until they earn it… experience. PT delivers on servicing their community by giving us old school, multifaceted options to give its fans what they want, what they have gotten and what they expect. All the while, looking forward for what is new

Hey guys, give the veterans some repsect!! *insert winky face here*

To listen to the episode of Podtacular I rambled about, find it here:


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