The TBoD Podcast – 61 – Burrows of Passion

Hello Teabaggers,

We are firing on all pistons this week and have plenty to cover. Among other things we talk about the rebranding of Xbox, the always controversial Phil Fish and his recent comments on YouTube revenue. Dean Hall has set up his new games company and he wants it to be the Valve of the South Pacific.

We also have a chuckle about Sunset Overdrive’s little dig at Assassins Creed Unity‘s lack of female character, then talk about the importance of representation and choice in games. We also wax lyrical over whether YouTube will replace the website as the main source of gaming news. If so we are buggered

Burrows of Passion – To download just right click here and Save as



5 thoughts on “The TBoD Podcast – 61 – Burrows of Passion

  1. It’s interesting: while watching the Unity gameplay (& not getting a good look at the characters under each hood), I just assumed that at least one of those four assassins was a woman. I didn’t know that wasn’t the case until every game journo & their mother jumped on the “OMFG UBISOFT IS SUPER MISOGYNIST!” band wagon.

  2. Great cast this week fellas! I did like the debate on gender equality in games. Of course there should be equal representation of either gender in games for the most part but I have to agree with Eremenko the narrative is the most important driver in games (as in all popular media) when deciding gender. If a story requires a male or female lead to make it more believable/realistic/engrossing then that has to be the way it is. I am not disagreeing with Crinbot though as he makes a sound point that many games that could lend themselves to allowing the main character to be either gender still, in my opinion at least, favours males over females. In closing Ubisoft have made misake, I’m not talking about the gender faux pas I’m talking how they are insistent on churning out a new AC game every few months. It’s lazy and should be canned!

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