TheSSMinecraft Needs Your Support





In this week’s blog I am taking the opportunity to promote a project some people who have supported my own projects in the past are now driving.

I am personally excited over TheSSMinecraft! As we now know Minecraft for the Xbone will allow import of 360 worlds into it. So couple that with the in game recording features of the new console, and it spells win! TheSSMinecraft is hitting the already and always hot Minecraft iron, and it’s going to get even hotter with the new console and easier was for places like TheSSMinecraft to get material!

Here is a write up from the creators themselves:

    TheSSMinecraft is a YouTube Channel which supplies Minecraft videos and more! The videos are anything from tutorials and reviews to Let’s Plays.
    The main duo are Sam and Shannon although the videos will also feature Joe, Simon, Ashley and others! Each person has their own ‘character’ which has come from something in the Minecraft world. For example, Shannon is ‘Ender Girl’ and Sam is ‘CreeperBoy’ this is to make it more child friendly for those younger viewers and makes the whole concept exciting.
    The channel wishes to reach out to different types of audience, not just focus on one. What’s the fun it that?!;) So to do this, we will have different ‘sections’ where we do tutorials and Let’s Play and Let’s Build for those more creative people, there will also be animations which a certain theme can be suggested.
    Hopefully, if the Channel and Facebook page gets enough likes and fans, competitions will be run and there will also be TheSSMinecraft merchandise as well as Minecraft goodies… And not forgetting, TheSSMinecraft is in partnership with TheSSMotion due to Simon and Sam being the original owners, and so there is a chance of a feature in the 2015 Halo MegaBloksFest, and so TheSSMinecraft will do cross-overs with Halo to support this.








Link to TheSSMinecraft Facebook

Link to TheSSMinecraft Youtube

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