The TBoD podcast – E3 special

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have a special E3 cast in store today brought to you by two out of three of our regular hosts. The topics up for discussion this week are’


Hope you enjoy the show, let us know your thoughts on the top showings and give us a run down of who you would award what in the following categories;

top 3 from each show

Best graphics

Most surprising

Best trailer

Best gameplay

Best show

Most exciting

Most disappointing

Upset not to see

Best in show

E3 special < right click and hit save as to download

5 thoughts on “The TBoD podcast – E3 special

  1. What a podcast of epic proportions! So much info and run through in a 2hr time slot. Congrats on making it through pretty much everything.

    Crinbot for the win on the best in show! Definitely must say, as a huge halo nerd, the MCC took the cake as my favorite for the show. I can’t even put into words how pumped I am for this game. The Halo hype train has started and I for one am all aboard.

    What I did miss out on is your thoughts on the Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta trailer. What did you guys think?

  2. Oh yeah, I completely forgot to mention that, I will bring it up at the top of the show next week. Thanks for listening and for your kind words, I was quite nervous about doing the show without Quim for the first time ever, as may have been evident. I think it went pretty well though …. not that I’m going to let him have a week off for a while now …. haha.

  3. Best graphics
    -Toss up between The Order 1886 & Uncharted 4 (Yes, the trailer was in-engine)
    Most surprising
    -Rainbow Six: Siege was the only thing not leaked or rumored, I think.
    >Best trailer
    -Sunset Overdrive
    >Best gameplay
    -Bloodbourne (unless they drastically change from the recently leaked gameplay trailer)
    >Best show
    -Eh, all of ’em were pretty much the same for me. I guess they’re all winners, since now the current gen of consoles will actually have games 😛
    >Most exciting
    -No Man’s Sky (Unless they’re totally Moleynuexing it)
    >Most disappointing
    -EA’s entire show. I mean shit, I’d expect them to have shown up with something other than just ViDocs; Maybe at least 1 CG trailer.
    >Upset not to see
    -Fallout 4, any new Rockstar game, Dead Space, Gears of War 4, a myriad of EA Star Wars games, but the grand prize goes to Dishonored 2.
    >Best in show
    -Alien: Isolation

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