Halo Master Chief Collection? (YES)

    In the wake of E3 Monday and gameplay vids we got bombed with, I wanted to write and spew Halo love but when I started typing I realized that it would be too long.. even by my own babbling standards. I wanted to poke at Destiny because.. well just because. I wanted to laugh at COD Advanced Warfare for a gameplay demo that had ODST intro, with drop pods and enemy craft being bombed that both screamed Titanfall…


    There are many games out there and many people. Why hate on what other people love… at least for this weeks blog.


ME: So…


ME: Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4?

343: (Yes)

ME: All the maps?

343: (Yes)

ME: Ability to play all on multiplayer?

343: (Yes)

ME: Dedicated servers?

343: (Yes)

ME: $60?

343: (Yes)

ME: Xbox One, 1080p?

343: (Yes)

ME: Great!

343: (There is more goodies, want to hear them?)

ME: Later… I can’t type with tears of joy in my eyes…

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