TBoD Podcast 58 – With an open hand

Another week, another installment on the TBoD podcast.

The topics on the smörgåsbord for discussion this week are;

Xbox stuff,

Frankie is unhappy,

Will Ubi win E3 for the second year running?

Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner …. BATMAN,

Middle Witcher, Assassin of Mordor,



in no particular Order,

Google/YouTube is feeling Twitchy,

IFightBears Lumberjack-em-up Fist of Awesome comes to mac and pc,

And Greenlight,

and our Indie game of the week is “Total Chaos“.

As always thanks for tuning in, if you like what you hear leave us a comment or a review on iTunes, if you have a burning question that you need answering in a meandering tangenty fashion by all means give us a shout on Twitter, Facebook or leave a comment here on the blog.

With an Open Hand < — Right click and choose “save as” to download

– eremenko


2 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast 58 – With an open hand

  1. Too much to say in a tweet after listening to the first 50 minutes:

    – It’s current (PS4 & XBO) and last gen (PS3 & 360). There are no longer any known consoles known as “next gen.”

    – While we’re getting picky, there is a bad “anti-echo” (?) coming from TQM. Whenever he speaks loudly, we hear his echo before we hear it actually said through his mic. It’s very strange because usually you hear an echo after it actually happens. I think his track might be delayed in comparison to everyone else’s because he is also behind when you all do your singing. This has been happening for at least 3 episodes.

    – On leaks, I have no pity for developers on this. Information can’t leak if it never leaves the studio in the first place. There are very rare exceptions to this (the Half Life 2 hack as an example), but for the most part a leak is the fault of the studio in the first place. If they don’t leak the info in the first place, it doesn’t get reported on. I don’t understand Frankie’s comment on someone losing their job because a leak was reported on when whoever leaked the story from the studio deserves to be fired anyways. If studios don’t want things to be leaked, start making examples of those who leak classified info and fire them, regardless of what position they hold.

    – I am also feeling disappointed with the current generation of consoles. I had really been hoping for significant improvement in the graphics department, but it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get that. I truly wish they had put out high spec consoles that would cost at least $800. I’m honestly almost at the point of joining the master race, especially as I watch PC games sell for much cheaper than the console counterparts. The thing keeping me from doing this is that I would rather put my money into my mountain bike.

    – Also, where’s the link to the Halo 5 leaks? I want to look at them (at my own risk, of course).

    • Yeah, we are struggling with some technical issues at the minute, cheers for the heads up bud. You’re right about studios needing to take responsibility for leaks, they are the only ones responsible for who has access to a game. Sorry, we ain’t a leak site so we won’t be linking that.
      We shall read this out on the next cast fella, thanks for listening.

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