The Blocking Dead : Yes, I animate with toys.

EDIT: Episode 1 of the Blocking Dead, has been released since this article was published, it can be found at bottom of this write up!

Okay, so I got fan mail last week. Normally I get lots of email, normally telling me what an idiot I am, normally including the words ‘delusional’& ‘fanboy’, & often people wishing I would die. But I actually got an email of someone who liked my work. One point the person pointed out is question why I hadn’t blogged about the toymations I make. It was pointed out that for a lot of people, that what I did to get known to people in a small corner of the Halo universe.

Considering I have a new series “The Blocking Dead” debuting with its first episode later this week, time to blog!

Now without going into too long a blog, I have made over the past 3-4 years various toymations with Halo Mega Bloks, which in 2013 saw the more than 2 hour comedy ‘Fridge 2 Far 2’ hit the YouTube world. Along the way I created a few shorter vids I am proud of, don’t for fun or in some cases contests. The vast majority were Halo Mega Bloks.

A Fridge 2 Far 2 In one vid.

Now my son Connor and I have made other vids together, mostly reviews of Mega Bloks and Lego sets Connor has gotten. I made some promotional vids for places like Postgame Carnage Report and things like promos for other projects I am working on. However with the more popular longer vids, it’s been over a years since the release of one, and I am typing this to let people know it’s because work is in progress! It HASN’T stopped.

A Connor’s vid, this one he interviews Tim, Comm Manager at Mega Bloks

    There are two projects right now in process.

      1: TERRA ALTUS: This is a feature length Halo Mega Bok drama, revolving around ODSTs in a post Covie war setting. The production around this will be the most complex I have done, so will take time but is needed to really get the story across the right way. I would estimate a good 80+ hours put into this already. I have a great deal of various Halo community members who have agreed and in a lot of cases already submitted lines to be voice actors. (Including a key ‘performance’ by a TBOD Host!) The estimate to release this in episodic form should start in 2104. Just as with Fridge 2, it will be a full length movie cut into smaller parts over a set period of time, but with a specific finish.

      Terra Altus Teaser Trailer/Concept Vid

      About time I get to the main part of this blog right? The Blocking Dead…

      2: THE BLOCKING DEAD: As mentioned before, the first episode debuts this week. Now this will be an ongoing episodic series, so unlike Terra Altus, doesn’t have a set story with ending. It theoretically will go on and on till the Energizer bunny dies or me I suppose.

      It will be a comedy and for the first time ever be done not with Halo Mega Bloks but in Lego. This will allow a much more dynamic and open possibility for scenes and film ‘sets’ as between what sets I got a as a kid years ago, and what Connor has, we have the ability to build much more different things.

      As the name and teaser material released so far shows, it is based around the world after a Zombie Apocalypse and takes the characters of Connor and I from the Fridge world into this new one.

      The look of the ‘filming’ will be different from what I have done in the past, but I think will work well balancing look and the ability to produce episodes quicker.

    Cover of Blocking Dead : Episode 1

One thing I really want to do is to grow the toymations/animation communities I am a part of and have begin to create videos on how I make these projects to show its easier that some people might think, or at least give them tips!

For those who don’t know about this little hobby I share with my son, my YouTube page can be found HERE. True to YouTube whore, like, comment & share!

For Blocking Dead info, there is a Facebook page: HERE

For the record, when my wife is mad at me tells me to ‘Go play with your Lego.’ Which I suppose technically is true to what I do.


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