The TBoD Podcast – 57 – Wanted, on Xbox Live


We’re back again to talk the latest gaming news.

This week: starting out with the XBone Zone, we look at the unbundling of Kinect, as well as the Netflix and Hulu Gold requirement being lifted, and Games with Gold – officially no longer shit! Moving on, we talk new Halo news.

Our Indie game this week is beautiful looking The Forest, go check it out.

Right-click here and select ‘Save As’ to download

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4 thoughts on “The TBoD Podcast – 57 – Wanted, on Xbox Live

  1. Great podcast as always gents! Great to hear you discuss Halo this time and all of the speculation that goes into the new game.

    This weeks Xbone Zone was heated! Love the lively discussion. I will say that I do agree with Eremenko on his point that lots of gamers buy consoles to play games and the extra services and features are add on bonuses. However Crinbot does have a point that gamers do need to think outside of the traditional box, so to speak. Innovation in the console industry will hopefully lead to better delivery of games (i.e. digital content, and cheaper games), and better quality content from the Live subscription. I think games for gold is a good incentive, however the games need to be a little bit better quality to make it 100% worthwhile, but who can turn down a free game?!

    In regards to the price drop for the Xbone, I do not think this was M$ plan all along. I think they went back to the drawing board and decided to unbundle the kinect and offer it at the same price point to keep in line with the PS4. I think it was a really smart move on their part and something that should have been done since launch. This will hopefully lead to higher sales number and more games/franchises on the horizon.

    I’m so pumped for more Halo news, and it’s awesome to hear you guys excited about it too. I’m sure there will be much more to talk about in the coming weeks including the recent H5 playtester pastebin leak. I agree with Quim; more time to bake, the tastier it will be. With H2A (hopefully) on the horizon, I think it will be good to wait on H5. However if H2A is debunked it will only mean more lull and more restlessness in the community.

    The community isn’t bad, just like every community there are bad apples. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has them and they all stink!

    Sorry for the long reply! One more question, any good English brews you fine folks recommend? Always in the mood to drink something new!

    • Hey bud, thanks for the comment, don’t worry about the length the longer the better as far as we are concerned. I’m sure we will address all of the points you raised in next weeks show so keep your ears peeled for that. As far as brews go I wouldn’t bother with earl grey … it’s not nice, we have a local company here called the tea shed I don’t know if they deliver outside the UK but they do some lush brews so you may get some inspiration on their site.
      Thanks for dropping by, listening, commenting and all your support in general it’s always great to hear from you.


      • Hahahahahahaha, oops lost in translation there, having a brew means a cup of tea to me. We’ll talk about some beers on the next show, you can’t go wrong with a Newcastle Brown Ale though.

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