Guardian, shmardian! (Took me 10 minutes to make that title!)

Friday June 16, 9:26 am, 2nd cup of coffee (I am one behind regular pace)

THE NEWS: Halo 5 : Guardians, to be released in 2015 for XBone. “Halo 5 : Guardians”



So I am happy for 2 reasons.

    1: This means promised 2014 Halo will no doubt mean H2A

    2: An extra year of development means a better product with the additional time. Especially when it comes to the XBone itself even which as all new consoles have, has its bugs to fix.

Yet one of the most common thing I read on social media this am is a new stone in the Halo/Destiny debate.

Basically those on the greener side of the fence at Destiny genuinely upset that the name Guardian is in title since there are Guardians in Destiny.


I always love the opportunity to post that pic!

Okay, we all know ‘Guardians’ go back to the early Halo days, opening the debate as well that Bungie seems to be able to use then term because they brought it into Halo.

It’s a stupid debate. After all.. they are copying this! REAL GUARDIANS GAME!


Made in 1994 the 3D shooter was made for the Amiga. It sucked so badly, they might have been many copies buried close to all those copies of the Atari 2600’s ET game recently unearthed.

Seriously? Good news at a new Halo release being given more time to develop and we grab feces and start throwing it at each other over the term “Guardian”?

I’m hoping both games are great that use these terms. Better 2 great games than any weak or even worse, no game at all. And while I have taken serious kicks at Destiny, I’m beyond that now. (Thanks to Titanfall largely for showing me games are for fun again.)

It boils down to this, my theory is, when you step out of bounds in Halo 3 and the Guardians kill you.. they actually were spies working for Amiga all that time.. or at least their legal team.

All hail Amiga Guardian!

g30 footer


1 thought on “Guardian, shmardian! (Took me 10 minutes to make that title!)

  1. He he, love it mate. I think they both stole it preemptively from ‘Japan Studios’ mythical in development title ‘The Last Gaurdian’ but you know …. that’s just me. Can’t wait to talk about this breaking news on the cast tomorrow. I thought I’d stopped loving Halo but the butterflies in my stomach right now are proving differently.

    – menko out.

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