I like the Kinect! Plus, PS4 & XBone users only win from here on in!


Was just a normal Tuesday afternoon, when I went to check my Twitter feed (when it’s little slow at work) and I see the Xbox One have a few announcements, including as of June it will be available without connect. Firs thing that popped into my head was “That’s great!” As more people are going to buy it, & I have more PrevGen friends to play games with as some no doubt finally switch over to NexGen.

I get home, have dinner & start to relax later in the evening when I log into Facebook. Not one but two of my friends when saying you must be so pissed about the XBone news and what they’ve done with the Kinect, how “I can’t believe they suck so many people into buying Kinect” and “Now they’ve done this. You must be pissed!”

I couldn’t be further from pissed.

In both cases, to these friends I responded, “No I figured this would happen,” and the people on the other end of the chat were surprised to hear me calm. Personally, as someone who got the XBone already, I’m not upsetting Xbox as a matter fact I’m very happy I got to Kinect. I’ll admit, had I had the option right from the start to get with or without I would’ve gotten without, but frankly I like the little things that Kinect adds. It goes beyond being able to turn it on and off with a voice commands (Which is pretty cool by the way) like pausing it in an instant and of course, as most of you know I am a video guy, so being able to capture by saying “Xbox get that” for a little video snippet in the middle of the game is something I love. No doubt that they’ll have the ability to do that without Kinect going forward, but not as easily Ill bet. But that’s just a small thing that appeals to me and I understand it doesn’t appeal to everybody.

I do understand the price point change in XBone will allow alot of people to get now. There was in many cases resent at the higher cost, to whcih I understand. But its like getting a book when it comes out. Hardcover for a year first, then the paperback later. In the end, you will get to join in on the literary fun, but you have options, and as with most things, there are price points.

I have been an Xbox guy since Halo 3 day. I had a PlayStation 2 years ago when it was “the” machine, yet I don’t have anything against PS4. I’m just been totally engulfed in the culture of Xbox since getting one and it’s how I am. Sure last year I kind of trolled a bit in blogs when it was a heated debate between the two systems, where everyone was taking it seem to be taking aside. I too took a side but again I maybe trolled a little bit the PS users most notably on the infamous PlayStation online outage they had. By no means would I be one of the narrow minded people who would say ‘I’ll never get a PS4’. As things stand the Xbox still does the trick to fill my current needs, but maybe not forever.

But really very early in this NextGen lifespan, only a fraction of the OldGen users switched over. Mostly burned by the old 360 RROD, I was going to wait a whole year before I got my Xbone, but then caved for Titanfall and a good sale and got one, and frankly I’m happy with it. There are no doubts little kinks that the Xbox one has that even the PS4 has that we know are going to get fixed as the machines get older. Its par for the course!

I also recently made a blog that I have now bought into the fact that this is not just a game system but an entertainment system it’s the wave of the future no question. At first, it was an excuse to my wife for spending the money.. but man.. love the fact its intergrated and changed my families home entertainment system to the better.

In fact what I mostly take-out from the announcements made by Microsoft on Tuesday was that it’s all good propaganda, if you want to call it propaganda, because I prefer to all it I call it progress. In addition Games With Gold just coming out of the Xbox One which I’m very excited about, I mean I can’t believe the uproar before because it wasn’t in place from the launch. On launch there were no games for it, so how could they start giving away any for free? It was coming, I knew, I accepted and voila, now its here!

There’s no question that with this year’s E3 Microsoft doesn’t want to drop the ball like they did last year, even if it was in my opinion just a case of Microsoft explaining/presenting the system improperly. I still wish we had been given the original option they had to share games with friends!

No question with new frontman at Xbox, it screams “Games games games!” I think this pre-E3 announcement is marketing and smart marketing and we know that PlayStation will also do similar, as both understand the needs of consumers and do a little bit of propaganda that its users will benefit as well, just like the Xbox users would benefit from these announcements we just heard.

Sure PlayStation users can shout out “Xbox is doing this just like PlayStation always did!” When it comes to the new Gold account not needed to use popular apps, which was also announced today. The same way Xbox said the same similar words to things that PlayStation brought in that Xbox of been doing prior. Its tit for tat and irrelevant now IMHO.

In fact hindsight as it is now in this phase of the NexGen lifespan, where we’re not primarily focused on taking pokes who has what on their system, but just enjoying the fact that it’s all going forward. We the users regardless of what decision we made as far as which consol we get our benefiting from positive waves. Don’t beat each other up with what the other guy doesn’t have, focus on options on the units you make!

As always when a new console comes out, the only thing that really upsets me is how the friends list will change dramatically as people choose not to jump at all or jump into a different system. We all lose that way, most of us have all been though it before.

But this is what happens if you say play sports, where the year-to-year the lineup on your team changes and sometimes you choose to play a different team altogether

In fact to a large degree PlayStation and Xbox users should feel united because of these two companies battle each other to get our dollars collectively we all can now gain by the positive work they do adding things.

So, an I really just trying to justify the fact that I paid extra money for Kinect, when now less than a year later I didn’t have to? Honestly and I’ve already had 2 cups of coffee today’s so I’m fairly rational, No… I’m not trying to justify the spent money! Because I really do enjoy a little perks I have from it. Is it simply because I’m too lazy to hit a button to turn the machine on and off? Well maybe its a tiny little part of it! Also I don’t mind and even like the fact that maybe somebody spying to me as I play Titanfall my underwear! I’ll let you make a decision on that one, but if that interests you got my contact details below. Skype me… but only if you have Kinect!

Hugs and Kisses

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2 thoughts on “I like the Kinect! Plus, PS4 & XBone users only win from here on in!

  1. So far it’s been the same reaction after MS recanted the DRM & game-share functions: a mix of “Ok, great, I’m hyped for the XB1 now” or “OMFG MS GOT RID OF THIS THING I WAS QUIET ABOUT LIKING ‘TILL JUST NOW”, with the later in this case being the same + “WTF MS?!? Now game Devs aren’t going to make games for the kinect/ all the innovation is gone!!!1!” Granted some of the features seem like they run well enough/ could’ve been good (i.e. voice commands and the Kinect reading your heart rate, etc. for horror games), but I don’t see a reasons these couldn’t have been done cheaper throughout the console (Like letting voice commands work with a headset/mic.)

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