VIDEO GAMES! A podcast for all…


Let me assume since you are here at the Teabag or Die website that it is because of the great podcast it is, and I say that most sincerely. Now, I am not sure how many podcasts you might listen to, and given the staggering amount of podcasts out there, the personal menu can be quite diverse person to person.

Personally I normally listened to Halo related podcasts, but have added a few more general gaming ones as I sit and await an all Titanfall Podcast! (Crosses fingers, ponders going to a Church and lighting a candle and praying to the patron saint on gaming podcasts, St. Mario of Nintendo)

Outside these gaming podcasts in my circle are comedy ones have sprouted up. I have found one that covers both games and comedy, and at a running time of around 12-15 minutes per show, a great little show I look forward to each release.


I have for you: Video Games! “A podcast about video games”

You have two guys who declare themselves hardcore gamers who are effectively your stereotypical live in your basement, social awkward and foremost ignorant of the world guys talking about video games and getting it totally wrong.

The way the two can stay in character and go from sometimes subtle and sometimes dark humored gags to another is top notch.

Amongst the Episodes I recommend are ‘Plants vs. Zombies 2’, ‘Xbox Won’, ‘Titanfall’ & ‘Flappy Bird’.

Well written & acted humor in a dose long enough to make it a winner.

Of course you should only listen to Video Games! after listening to the most recent Podcast of TBOD.. I mean.. goes without sayin’!

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