TBoD Video – State of Decay: Lifeline Review

Hey guys,

Undead labs were kind enough to provide us with a steam key for the latest DLC for the epic Zombie survival game State of Decay, I threw together a quick review featuring gameplay footage from my playthough of the game.

Check it out here or over on our YouTube channel.


Special thanks to The Wach for helping us to secure this review copy.

You can see The Wach’s review in print over on PGCR



TBoD Podcast 58 – With an open hand

Another week, another installment on the TBoD podcast.

The topics on the smörgåsbord for discussion this week are;

Xbox stuff,

Frankie is unhappy,

Will Ubi win E3 for the second year running?

Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner …. BATMAN,

Middle Witcher, Assassin of Mordor,



in no particular Order,

Google/YouTube is feeling Twitchy,

IFightBears Lumberjack-em-up Fist of Awesome comes to mac and pc,

And Greenlight,

and our Indie game of the week is “Total Chaos“.

As always thanks for tuning in, if you like what you hear leave us a comment or a review on iTunes, if you have a burning question that you need answering in a meandering tangenty fashion by all means give us a shout on Twitter, Facebook or leave a comment here on the blog.

With an Open Hand < — Right click and choose “save as” to download

– eremenko

The Blocking Dead : Yes, I animate with toys.

EDIT: Episode 1 of the Blocking Dead, has been released since this article was published, it can be found at bottom of this write up!

Okay, so I got fan mail last week. Normally I get lots of email, normally telling me what an idiot I am, normally including the words ‘delusional’& ‘fanboy’, & often people wishing I would die. But I actually got an email of someone who liked my work. One point the person pointed out is question why I hadn’t blogged about the toymations I make. It was pointed out that for a lot of people, that what I did to get known to people in a small corner of the Halo universe.

Considering I have a new series “The Blocking Dead” debuting with its first episode later this week, time to blog!

Now without going into too long a blog, I have made over the past 3-4 years various toymations with Halo Mega Bloks, which in 2013 saw the more than 2 hour comedy ‘Fridge 2 Far 2’ hit the YouTube world. Along the way I created a few shorter vids I am proud of, don’t for fun or in some cases contests. The vast majority were Halo Mega Bloks.

A Fridge 2 Far 2 In one vid.

Now my son Connor and I have made other vids together, mostly reviews of Mega Bloks and Lego sets Connor has gotten. I made some promotional vids for places like Postgame Carnage Report and things like promos for other projects I am working on. However with the more popular longer vids, it’s been over a years since the release of one, and I am typing this to let people know it’s because work is in progress! It HASN’T stopped.

A Connor’s vid, this one he interviews Tim, Comm Manager at Mega Bloks

    There are two projects right now in process.

      1: TERRA ALTUS: This is a feature length Halo Mega Bok drama, revolving around ODSTs in a post Covie war setting. The production around this will be the most complex I have done, so will take time but is needed to really get the story across the right way. I would estimate a good 80+ hours put into this already. I have a great deal of various Halo community members who have agreed and in a lot of cases already submitted lines to be voice actors. (Including a key ‘performance’ by a TBOD Host!) The estimate to release this in episodic form should start in 2104. Just as with Fridge 2, it will be a full length movie cut into smaller parts over a set period of time, but with a specific finish.

      Terra Altus Teaser Trailer/Concept Vid

      About time I get to the main part of this blog right? The Blocking Dead…

      2: THE BLOCKING DEAD: As mentioned before, the first episode debuts this week. Now this will be an ongoing episodic series, so unlike Terra Altus, doesn’t have a set story with ending. It theoretically will go on and on till the Energizer bunny dies or me I suppose.

      It will be a comedy and for the first time ever be done not with Halo Mega Bloks but in Lego. This will allow a much more dynamic and open possibility for scenes and film ‘sets’ as between what sets I got a as a kid years ago, and what Connor has, we have the ability to build much more different things.

      As the name and teaser material released so far shows, it is based around the world after a Zombie Apocalypse and takes the characters of Connor and I from the Fridge world into this new one.

      The look of the ‘filming’ will be different from what I have done in the past, but I think will work well balancing look and the ability to produce episodes quicker.

    Cover of Blocking Dead : Episode 1

One thing I really want to do is to grow the toymations/animation communities I am a part of and have begin to create videos on how I make these projects to show its easier that some people might think, or at least give them tips!

For those who don’t know about this little hobby I share with my son, my YouTube page can be found HERE. True to YouTube whore, like, comment & share!

For Blocking Dead info, there is a Facebook page: HERE

For the record, when my wife is mad at me tells me to ‘Go play with your Lego.’ Which I suppose technically is true to what I do.


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The TBoD Podcast – 57 – Wanted, on Xbox Live


We’re back again to talk the latest gaming news.

This week: starting out with the XBone Zone, we look at the unbundling of Kinect, as well as the Netflix and Hulu Gold requirement being lifted, and Games with Gold – officially no longer shit! Moving on, we talk new Halo news.

Our Indie game this week is beautiful looking The Forest, go check it out.

Right-click here and select ‘Save As’ to download

As ever, get in touch on Twitter, Facebook, or leave a comment below.

Guardian, shmardian! (Took me 10 minutes to make that title!)

Friday June 16, 9:26 am, 2nd cup of coffee (I am one behind regular pace)

THE NEWS: Halo 5 : Guardians, to be released in 2015 for XBone. “Halo 5 : Guardians”



So I am happy for 2 reasons.

    1: This means promised 2014 Halo will no doubt mean H2A

    2: An extra year of development means a better product with the additional time. Especially when it comes to the XBone itself even which as all new consoles have, has its bugs to fix.

Yet one of the most common thing I read on social media this am is a new stone in the Halo/Destiny debate.

Basically those on the greener side of the fence at Destiny genuinely upset that the name Guardian is in title since there are Guardians in Destiny.


I always love the opportunity to post that pic!

Okay, we all know ‘Guardians’ go back to the early Halo days, opening the debate as well that Bungie seems to be able to use then term because they brought it into Halo.

It’s a stupid debate. After all.. they are copying this!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guardian_(video_game)THE REAL GUARDIANS GAME!


Made in 1994 the 3D shooter was made for the Amiga. It sucked so badly, they might have been many copies buried close to all those copies of the Atari 2600’s ET game recently unearthed.

Seriously? Good news at a new Halo release being given more time to develop and we grab feces and start throwing it at each other over the term “Guardian”?

I’m hoping both games are great that use these terms. Better 2 great games than any weak or even worse, no game at all. And while I have taken serious kicks at Destiny, I’m beyond that now. (Thanks to Titanfall largely for showing me games are for fun again.)

It boils down to this, my theory is, when you step out of bounds in Halo 3 and the Guardians kill you.. they actually were spies working for Amiga all that time.. or at least their legal team.

All hail Amiga Guardian!

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I like the Kinect! Plus, PS4 & XBone users only win from here on in!


Was just a normal Tuesday afternoon, when I went to check my Twitter feed (when it’s little slow at work) and I see the Xbox One have a few announcements, including as of June it will be available without connect. Firs thing that popped into my head was “That’s great!” As more people are going to buy it, & I have more PrevGen friends to play games with as some no doubt finally switch over to NexGen.

I get home, have dinner & start to relax later in the evening when I log into Facebook. Not one but two of my friends when saying you must be so pissed about the XBone news and what they’ve done with the Kinect, how “I can’t believe they suck so many people into buying Kinect” and “Now they’ve done this. You must be pissed!”

I couldn’t be further from pissed.

In both cases, to these friends I responded, “No I figured this would happen,” and the people on the other end of the chat were surprised to hear me calm. Personally, as someone who got the XBone already, I’m not upsetting Xbox as a matter fact I’m very happy I got to Kinect. I’ll admit, had I had the option right from the start to get with or without I would’ve gotten without, but frankly I like the little things that Kinect adds. It goes beyond being able to turn it on and off with a voice commands (Which is pretty cool by the way) like pausing it in an instant and of course, as most of you know I am a video guy, so being able to capture by saying “Xbox get that” for a little video snippet in the middle of the game is something I love. No doubt that they’ll have the ability to do that without Kinect going forward, but not as easily Ill bet. But that’s just a small thing that appeals to me and I understand it doesn’t appeal to everybody.

I do understand the price point change in XBone will allow alot of people to get now. There was in many cases resent at the higher cost, to whcih I understand. But its like getting a book when it comes out. Hardcover for a year first, then the paperback later. In the end, you will get to join in on the literary fun, but you have options, and as with most things, there are price points.

I have been an Xbox guy since Halo 3 day. I had a PlayStation 2 years ago when it was “the” machine, yet I don’t have anything against PS4. I’m just been totally engulfed in the culture of Xbox since getting one and it’s how I am. Sure last year I kind of trolled a bit in blogs when it was a heated debate between the two systems, where everyone was taking it seem to be taking aside. I too took a side but again I maybe trolled a little bit the PS users most notably on the infamous PlayStation online outage they had. By no means would I be one of the narrow minded people who would say ‘I’ll never get a PS4’. As things stand the Xbox still does the trick to fill my current needs, but maybe not forever.

But really very early in this NextGen lifespan, only a fraction of the OldGen users switched over. Mostly burned by the old 360 RROD, I was going to wait a whole year before I got my Xbone, but then caved for Titanfall and a good sale and got one, and frankly I’m happy with it. There are no doubts little kinks that the Xbox one has that even the PS4 has that we know are going to get fixed as the machines get older. Its par for the course!

I also recently made a blog that I have now bought into the fact that this is not just a game system but an entertainment system it’s the wave of the future no question. At first, it was an excuse to my wife for spending the money.. but man.. love the fact its intergrated and changed my families home entertainment system to the better.

In fact what I mostly take-out from the announcements made by Microsoft on Tuesday was that it’s all good propaganda, if you want to call it propaganda, because I prefer to all it I call it progress. In addition Games With Gold just coming out of the Xbox One which I’m very excited about, I mean I can’t believe the uproar before because it wasn’t in place from the launch. On launch there were no games for it, so how could they start giving away any for free? It was coming, I knew, I accepted and voila, now its here!

There’s no question that with this year’s E3 Microsoft doesn’t want to drop the ball like they did last year, even if it was in my opinion just a case of Microsoft explaining/presenting the system improperly. I still wish we had been given the original option they had to share games with friends!

No question with new frontman at Xbox, it screams “Games games games!” I think this pre-E3 announcement is marketing and smart marketing and we know that PlayStation will also do similar, as both understand the needs of consumers and do a little bit of propaganda that its users will benefit as well, just like the Xbox users would benefit from these announcements we just heard.

Sure PlayStation users can shout out “Xbox is doing this just like PlayStation always did!” When it comes to the new Gold account not needed to use popular apps, which was also announced today. The same way Xbox said the same similar words to things that PlayStation brought in that Xbox of been doing prior. Its tit for tat and irrelevant now IMHO.

In fact hindsight as it is now in this phase of the NexGen lifespan, where we’re not primarily focused on taking pokes who has what on their system, but just enjoying the fact that it’s all going forward. We the users regardless of what decision we made as far as which consol we get our benefiting from positive waves. Don’t beat each other up with what the other guy doesn’t have, focus on options on the units you make!

As always when a new console comes out, the only thing that really upsets me is how the friends list will change dramatically as people choose not to jump at all or jump into a different system. We all lose that way, most of us have all been though it before.

But this is what happens if you say play sports, where the year-to-year the lineup on your team changes and sometimes you choose to play a different team altogether

In fact to a large degree PlayStation and Xbox users should feel united because of these two companies battle each other to get our dollars collectively we all can now gain by the positive work they do adding things.

So, an I really just trying to justify the fact that I paid extra money for Kinect, when now less than a year later I didn’t have to? Honestly and I’ve already had 2 cups of coffee today’s so I’m fairly rational, No… I’m not trying to justify the spent money! Because I really do enjoy a little perks I have from it. Is it simply because I’m too lazy to hit a button to turn the machine on and off? Well maybe its a tiny little part of it! Also I don’t mind and even like the fact that maybe somebody spying to me as I play Titanfall my underwear! I’ll let you make a decision on that one, but if that interests you got my contact details below. Skype me… but only if you have Kinect!

Hugs and Kisses

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The TBoD Podcast – 56 – A Ball for Each Bongo

Well met adventurers!,

We have a veritable feast in store for you this week.

In this show we cover: an addition for Naughty Dog following their recent departures; could Titanfall be coming to PS4?; Steven Spielberg’s Halo series may not be as exclusive as we once thought; we get a bit weighty with our thoughts on sexism in gaming and society, thanks to this article; the obligatory Destiny circle-jerk continues, and further; plus, an exciting reveal from Sony on the real purpose of the DS4’s lightbar.

Our indie game this week is Stoked!, currently on Kickstarter. Head over and give it a look.

As ever, leave us your thoughts either below, or on Twitter/Facebook.

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VIDEO GAMES! A podcast for all…


Let me assume since you are here at the Teabag or Die website that it is because of the great podcast it is, and I say that most sincerely. Now, I am not sure how many podcasts you might listen to, and given the staggering amount of podcasts out there, the personal menu can be quite diverse person to person.

Personally I normally listened to Halo related podcasts, but have added a few more general gaming ones as I sit and await an all Titanfall Podcast! (Crosses fingers, ponders going to a Church and lighting a candle and praying to the patron saint on gaming podcasts, St. Mario of Nintendo)

Outside these gaming podcasts in my circle are comedy ones have sprouted up. I have found one that covers both games and comedy, and at a running time of around 12-15 minutes per show, a great little show I look forward to each release.


I have for you: Video Games! “A podcast about video games”


You have two guys who declare themselves hardcore gamers who are effectively your stereotypical live in your basement, social awkward and foremost ignorant of the world guys talking about video games and getting it totally wrong.

The way the two can stay in character and go from sometimes subtle and sometimes dark humored gags to another is top notch.

Amongst the Episodes I recommend are ‘Plants vs. Zombies 2’, ‘Xbox Won’, ‘Titanfall’ & ‘Flappy Bird’.

Well written & acted humor in a dose long enough to make it a winner.

Of course you should only listen to Video Games! after listening to the most recent Podcast of TBOD.. I mean.. goes without sayin’!

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The TBoD Podcast – 55 – Gaming at Tiffany’s

Howdy Gamers,

In this very special episode we  traverse space and time and discuss the latest Destiny gameplay footage, the Star Wars cast announcement and Mass Effect new and old.

We also talk about an indie game called Chip from game developer not far from us, it’s a cool puzzler its on Steam/iOS/Android now!

Right click and save as to download

My Spider-Sense is Tingling…

Another Summer, another Superhero game!

Another Summer, another Superhero game!

Or rather has been going off the scale since The Amazing Spiderman 2 game was announced by Activision and Beenox.  Not only is it a follow-up to a fairly good movie tie-in, but appeared to provide a huge throwback to the one title that made Spidey games huge:  Spiderman 2 which was launched wayyy back in yesteryear for the O.G. XBOX, PS2, and other consoles of that time.  For a movie tie-in this game set a new precedent for superhero games, and even made it to XBOX’s Platinum hits, which is no small feat for a traditionally shitty movie based game.

Spiderman 2 was the first in the long series of titles modeled after our friendly neighborhood web-head, which offered a free-roaming New York to go about fighting petty crimes, and baddies in a GTA style environment of quasi-freedom.  It was even voiced by Toby Macguire – the Peter Parker we’re all doing our best to forget. Especially the Emo-Jazzcat version in Spiderman 3.  There were other additions to the series with this style of freedom based gameplay that were NOT based on a movie release, most notably for me as a drooling spider-fan:  Spiderman: Web of Shadows.

Getting back to this day in age, as soon as this game was announced I knew it must be mine, and so it is.  So True Believers:  Is this game worth your money and time?  Let’s swing into The Amazing Spiderman 2 and you be the judge.  (And no, I will not apologize for ANY corny Spidey jokes in this post.)

One feature which perked my interest with this game was the re-vamped web-sling mechanic.  In application it is very reminiscent of Spiderman 2’s more realistic version of web-slinging.  Unlike the previous Amazing Spiderman game you can’t magically “Sky-Sling” high above the skyscrapers, and must rely on buildings that are in-range and relative to your altitude.  Much like Spiderman 2, each trigger corresponds to it’s respective web-shooter while traversing Manhattan.  This made for some clumsy, noobish and embarrassing web-slinging at first as I wrapped my head around the new hotness, and to the artificial onlookers on the sidewalk it must have appeared that Spidey was black-out drunk.

Admittedly after a good 6-7 hours of gameplay I still find myself over-shooting a turn while chasing a getaway car, or slamming into the side of a building as I attempt to live up to the Parker hype.  Trust me, it’s fun learning how to web sling, and after a fairly early unlock you gain the web-boost ability which helps you use speed and accuracy to launch yourself into the air, or use a webline to vault gaps in the skyline rather than helplessly fall to the street.  Use caution when boosting however, I discovered a game-breaking bug which clipped me into a water-tower after which I was stuck in a perpetual free-fall and had to restart the checkpoint to free myself.  (Beenox:  OOPS!)

The free-roaming aspects are similar, but not a re-hash of the repetitive mini-crimes which happen in previous titles.  Added to the mix in this installment is building fires, bomb threats, and newer more challenging revamps on assisting pinned down cops, and other classic items like Break & Enters, public disturbances, etc.  In Amazing Spiderman 2 however they have introduced a new character element called Hero or Menace.  If you fail, or neglect crimes in progress they will expire and push you toward the menace side during which J Jonah Jameson will give you an earful on the Daily Bugle News Network.

The more of a bumbling menace you become, the more attention you attract from Oscorp’s law enforcement task-force.  A high-tech patrol of robot baddies, and armed thugs on goblin gliders funded by local philanthropist and (crime kingpin) Wilson Fisk.  Yes:  The Kingpin is in this game.  I haven’t completed the campaign yet, because I’m a huge explore/stop and smell the roses type of gamer with titles like this.

The story so far is pretty good, the round-up of Spiderman’s rogues gallery is satisfying and I haven’t encountered them all.  On the list so far is Kingpin, Black Cat, The Shocker, Electro, Kraven The Hunter (who starts off as a mentor who practically wants to adopt Spiderman instead of kill him and send him to a taxidermist…), Harry Osborn/Green Goblin, and likely others.  Through mini missions outside the main plot, I learned the Police are hunting down the classic Hammerhead villain, and a gruesome serial killer who leaves the initials CK written in blood at each scene.  The media has dubbed him “The Carnage Killer.”  hmmm I wonder who he could be.

For the details obsessed people like myself there’s cool locations for you to vist such as Aunt May’s house where you can replay unlocked missions, change your unlocked costumes, but sadly can’t sit down and eat her famous wheat-cakes.  The unlockable costumes in this game are actually more than cosmetic this time as they each have their own traits which you can level up.  I found that rather cool instead of just a new costume with no functional benefits in gameplay.

Another awesome location is a comic store owned by none other than Stan Lee.  Again Stan-The-Man lends his voice to the movie series, and has some great lines.  At the comic shop you can read entire digital versions of comics you unlock by finding “hidden” comic pages throughout the city, figurines, concept art, and you’ll also find an arcade machine where you can play a b-list “horde mode” or battle royale against waves of thugs.

All in all the story is a strong mix of elements from the original classic comics, and the Ultimate Universe.  Voice acting is a little…campy but hey, what can you expect.  The plot supposedly takes place in the aftermath of the 2nd film, but has it’s confusing parts such as a chance meeting with Max Dillon (AKA Electro) which is seemingly for the first time.  Oh well.  I was too busy beating the snot out of petty thugs to really care about one interaction with a poorly designed Jamie Fox lookalike with a comb-over.

Combat is faster, and more fluid than the last title, but the stealth missions can get frustrating due to some jittery controls at first.  It didn’t take me long to figure out how best to approach these indoor scenarios and they are an improvement over ASM 1.  But be prepared for some true WTF moments as you learn the webs…er ropes.

They’ve added sequences where you play as Peter Parker, using his Daily Bugle press-pass to get into places and interview/gather intel on characters, etc.  The Mass Effect style dialogue selection is a nice touch, but the silly dialogue in some instances make you scratch your head, like for instance when asking heatscore questions to Wilson Fisk about “What his problem is with Spiderman.”  or  “I heard your Oscorp taskforce was corrupt!”

All in all, it’s a good game for die-hards like-myself to jump into and swing around in superhero bliss.  If you go into this game expecting an award winning stupendous Walloping Webshooter of a game…  Don’t.  It’s one of those titles that is what it is.  A Spiderman Game.  Love it or hate it however, you’ll still have some fun.  A side-note for Beenox though…  By wielding the franchise they have been granted the power to create some seriously Spectacular experiences in the future.  But of course:  With great power, comes great responsibility.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back often for more great gaming goodness right here, at Teabag or Die.