What Bungie hasn’t done & I appreciate.


I have been outspoken on Destiny.

I made it clear that of the limited info released I have gotten literally NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in it. I do not like magic in games and with the capes characters wear, I regularly joke its Halo meets Harry Potter.

Now after seeing ‘The Devils Lair’ 7 minute game play video of Destiny, I might have even LESS than zero interest n the game, if that’s possible. The flowing capes as the characters run, because in the future capes are so important for.. er.. hmm… I mean… oh boy… maybe…. Dunno.. storing recipes or matches maybe? Okay so then the trailer has the magic spells and lights zapping opponents more effectively than I saw when the shit went down in the last Harry Potter movie at Hogwarts. Or was it the feeling that Bungie had left Halo to do different things and effectively from what I saw in the Dragons Lair, had made a Halo feeling rehash with brighter colors and better graphics. So Bungie left Halo to copy Halo…

I mean good lord, when they made the Star Wars prequels, I remember seeing a documentary where the costume designers decided to go crazy with the costumes because the original movies they were too ‘conservative’. So the bright red guns and flowing gowns, Oh geez.. SORRY.. I mean capes might have us seeing Bungie going down the Jar Jar path.


Hype… or lack of it generated by Bungie propaganda, is something I appreciate.

Let’s look at Titanfall, where we knew very little about the game until it came out, when you compare it to so many campaigns other manufacturers go through prior to release. Bungie is right now going down a similar path, not as much in the dark but not showing all its cards. Work on the game, not the self promotion!

Sure, they will no doubt have a great E3 show with Destiny. But it’s releasing this year, so that goes without saying. But it’s not building up a supergame that can only be a disappointment like Halo 4 was, which for me wasn’t a question of a bad game.. but more like the hype Halo 4 helped generate about itself that made it IMHO only inevitable to be a let down.

I’m thinking like the movie trailer that shows you all the great parts to the point where when you see the movie, it just fills in the boring parts NOT shown in the trailer. You think “I gotta see this.. imagine what they DIDN’T show in trailer!” Come on.. admit it.. we have all fallen for this.

Now of course some people might say “Bungie aren’t releasing a ton of info because it sucks.” While I honestly think what I have seen of it amounts to a steaming pile of dog crap on a icky cold morning, I think Bungie is being smart. Bungie doesn’t have to be MacDonalds spending so much money on advertising despite the fact they have so many dedicated fans hooked to the point they don’t need to spend a penny on promos.

People expect too much from Bungie/Destiny, and no matter what, at least some people will be let down by it because they fell victim to the hype. But at least it won’t be hype Bungie themselves built up if this in fact is the case. At the very least not the bulk of it.

Now unlike Titanfall, the relative tightly lipped campaign form Bungie isn’t as risky. As aforementioned Bungie has the fanbase and track record they can pull this thing off more than Respawn could. I do respect Bungie for so far taking this approach. Sure from E3 on well get no doubt a ton of hype, but that to me is an acceptable sell to clients so close to release.

I’ll stand behind my dislike of Bungie which has also been generated by hype from its fans who don’t think it can do any wrong. I have a few blogs where I point out they are not as flawless as a lot of their fanboys build them up to be, they started Halo down its current path (the 343 gets all the heat for) and showed that in the end they are a company there to make money, not service the fans foremost when they canned Marty O’Donnell.

I’ll still keep hating on Destiny, but Bunge I thank you, at least you aren’t throwing the game in my face like it’s the second coming of Christ… which the last 3 versions of COD and Halo 4 blatantly told me they were… well pretty well the marketing team told me.. but at least they didn’t dress them up in capes.

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6 thoughts on “What Bungie hasn’t done & I appreciate.

  1. I have two points here.

    1) Bungie has not copied Halo, Bungie invented Halo, Halo and it’s mechanics flow through the studios veins so of course mechanically it is going to bear a resemblance. Personally fine by me if I can play a game like Halo with more depth and content on a console which is not an XBone I’m there.

    2) You must have been the only one to have not seen Titanfall ads, the marketing team from Microsoft and EA had been hyping that game to high heaven as the game to revolutionise the shooter. If that’s not overselling it I don’t know what is.

    • I saw a handful of commercials showing gameplay. Details such as total gametypes, maps ect were held out to just prior to release. I dont recall any ads promising to revoutionize the game.

      There was this one commerical sandwiched between beta test and release I can recall as setting hype, but consider its after public beta, they built on momentum.


      Sure Bungie made Halo. But didnt they want to step away from it? It seems to be the massive open world that has been spoken of mearly adds what RDR and GTA had in thier ‘Free Roam’ to a reskinned Halo… with capes… I heard there were capes and magic right? Hoping theyll Quiddich easter egg on the free roam!

  2. You come off as very ignorant in this. Bungie are well respected for both Fantasy and Sci-fi games, particularly for Myth and Marathon. Destiny is intended to be a mix of these two genres. They want to create a world built on legend and myth, but still have the freedom of creation that Sci-fi brings. I know that they’re big fans of The Dark Tower so that’s were the inspiration for that probably comes from.

    As for marketing, Activision handles that, not Bungie. They have probably already spent millions on the trailers and trade show showings so far. They’ve already had ton of media showings, including a very expensive looking live action/CGI trailer. Activision are not playing this smart at all. I don’t know why you’d think that.

    And frankly, if you don’t like something, ignore it. Don’t write ‘articles’ just to inflame fans of the series. You’re just coming off as an uniformed idiot who wasn’t willing to do five minutes of research. And if your only frame of reference for capes and magic is Harry Potter, then you must be very sheltered. They’ve been common occurrences in fiction for thousands of years.

    TL:DR: Do some basic research before typing. Also, capes are generally useful in nuclear wastelands. Plus you know, they look cool.

    • Does your own personal experience in a nuclear wasteland mean you have seen alot of capes? It would be an interesting business model to bank on. Be on the ready for the next nuclear was with boxes of capes in warehouses ready to roll. OH WAIT>> THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A NUCLEAR WAR… SO NO WAY TO PROVE CAPES WOULD BE USEFUL! I mean if you count Hiroshima or Nagasaki I cant recall capes in any of the pictures taken there. Maybe only when they had a Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask festival. On capes, its interesting also, because with radiation, it settles in pockets and crevases, so a cape creating a place where radiation can be trapped is a bad idea unless your into cancer. (Not the astrological sign, the sick kind of cancer)

      I do believe that pointy sticks were used in warfare for thousands of years but really not relevant any more.

      In fact capes in Midevil times were only status symbols and helped in class and military ranking. Although like many 4 year olds with towels on thier backs, Im sure a musketeer or two died trying to fly by jumping off a belltower hoping the cape would actually have a better use.

      Capes look stupid… look at 1977 Elvis.. Maybe Darth Vader is an exception, but Im thinking that cape made him seem even more evil!

      Maybe posting unpopular-to-fanboy opinions like mine get people to read the blogs and spend time to comment on them… didnt take me 5 minutes of research to come to that conclusion.

      • I’m not sure why you decided to write an essay on capes in the “Midevil” times rather than addressing any of my criticism. I’m also not sure what you get out of being so unpleasant, but it’s clearly not actual discussion, so I won’t waste my time in future. Have a nice life, dude.

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