The TBoD Podcast – 54 – Unleash the Dragon

Howdy chaps and chapesses,

Here we are again. Another week older, but probably not any wiser; you be the judge.

This week we talk:

XBONE price drops

Virtuix Omni secures funding

Playstation Plus free games for May

New Watch Dogs gameplay video

Civilization: Beyond Earth – wowzers…

Four player narrative coop announced for AC: Unity

Minecraft real-world application awesomeness

More departures from Naughty Dog

Our Indie game this week was Franchise Hockey Manager (chosen by Crinbot, obviously)

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2 thoughts on “The TBoD Podcast – 54 – Unleash the Dragon

  1. Great show guys!
    I loved Quim’s comments about the importance of narrative in a game, because I find it really fascinating to hear how different gamers approach games, and what they hope to get out of them. I’d love to hear how the other TBoDers feel about the importance of story vs mechanics.
    I tend to land on the extreme other end of the spectrum: 99% of what I care about in games is mechanics. There are a couple exceptions (The Last of Us, Mass Effect 2), but usually the story is nothing but icing on the cake for me.
    Thanks as always for the great show. Cheers!

    • Thanks bud, I’m sure Quim will be thrilled that you enjoyed his words. We’ll be sure to mark it as a discussion point for me and Crinbot at the start of next weeks show.
      Cheers for listening.

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