The TBoD Podcast – 53 – Marty be Gone

Sup’ bitches,

We’re back again for another week of epic gaming lolz. This week:

Marty gets kicked

Virtual insanity/reality returns with more news from Occulus. More here. And yet more here.

Continued nonsense from Call of Doody.

Nice words from a Titanfall dev.

And the PS4 gets a long-overdue update.

Click here and choose ‘save as’ to download


4 thoughts on “The TBoD Podcast – 53 – Marty be Gone

  1. Awesome episode guys. I haven’t been following your stuff for a while because I’ve been busy with life stuff. But I’m back now, to write novels in your comment sections. Forever.

    On the topic of Destiny, I probably will actually be buying it. I was quite annoyed when I wrote that comment and I kind of missed the point of everything. I like good games, and Destiny looks like it will be a good game. That’s all that matters. I also want to hear Marty’s music in the world of Destiny, as intended, and not as an audio file. Plus you know, I need something to justify owning a PS4. I’ve only played it once on Christmas day, and once on Boxing day. But it has been a nice stand to put my Wii U controller on top of so I’m not complaining. I’ll probably get the new Infamous soon too since it’s looks fun.

    Also Gagnon shouldn’t mock people for having passion in someone elses work. Destiny looks exciting. There’s no harm in being excited about it before launch. If it turns out to be terrible, then I won’t buy it. No harm done. Being cynical and condescending doesn’t make you sound intelligent, it just makes you sound like a dick. #shotsfiredback

    • Yeah, real life tends to interfere doesn’t it. Glad to hear you will be joining us on Destiny. Your PS4 will appreciate the love by the sounds of it! I have Infamous and mechanically it is fun, looks amazing, its not a game changer and the combat (on normal at least) is not incredibly challenging, a small step up from an AC game difficulty wise. My suggestion is to get some indie titles on there, I have just completed Steamworld Dig and its a great game. If you haven’t played Fex there is another good title. Octodad is out this week and mechanically it is super fun, also on my hit list is Strike Suit Zero. I think the lack of triple A’s on PS4 is a bit of a bummer but I realised that if I wait for these elusive big budget games for the PS4 then I am doing it wrong, the indie games are strong and really not to be missed.

      Thanks for listening/watching/reading and letting us know your thoughts. If there are any particular topics in the gaming world you want us to discuss let us know.

  2. Hello guys, another great podcast. Apologies for missing your question on the live stream, I think I must have had adverts at the time. There are 2 Simon’s in OGG. Simbosonic’s surname is Fenech (I think you said French on the stream so not sure if he is the one you were thinking of?) and I’m the other one. Thoughts on the stream were that the sound wasn’t always clear but the main killer was the adverts popping up every few minutes. Apart from that, it was all good. Enjoyed seeing how the magic was made in TBOD Towers. Hopefully catch you guys online soon, cheers

    • Thanks for listening/watching man. Must’ve been a different Simon then, the adverts were shocking, we may have to get a premium account or something to get rid of them.
      We definitely need to get another battlefield session in soon, Quims been busy with Quim Jnr and I’ve been majorly preoccupied with FF but we will sort something soon.
      Thanks for your support guys, I promise to visit your site and lay down a comment or two in the coming weeks.

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