Halo Community Hiatis

    NOTE: I wrote the article below March 26th intending on releasing April 2nd, (I want my blogs to go up to TBOD on Wednesdays, I even have next 2 articles already written/in rpocess.) Since then another previously published blog on the Halo community having too much say got alot of attention by community and an all out attack by the very protective competitive community at Teambeyond.net.

    I considered not publishing this new blog for a week or two as the ther blog still had people jumping about. But I wont change my schedule for people who register to comment on my writing using phony email addresses to tell me to **** myself. Interesting that they were passionate about a blog that they say in thier own forum that they stopped reading after a paragraph or two. Yet then are qualified to comment about it.

    As always, my details are listed on the bottom of my blog so people can contact me and comment to me. A courtesy alot of the Teambeyond people dont do.

    To be clear: Halo 4 was not the best version of Halo made, my blog never said that. My blog made a point I believe that I still think stands. People cant complain about having more inuput in next Halo, as I feel 343 gave them unprecidented say in Halo 4, and it turned out very poorly.


I am a Halo nut. Honestly I am.

I love all the novels. (If you don’t the Greg Bear trilogy.. which I consider more a sleep aid) My son and I have amassed a rather large collection of Halo Mega Bloks, and we own all the games, most with multiple versions. I have even been fortunate to be on a few different Halo podcasts spreading the Halo love.

But Halo was not my first. My first was on a filthy couch in the late 80’s… OH WAIT.. WRONG ‘First time’ blog.


But seriously folks.. there WERE other games I loved over the years including a series of multiple PC titles called “Close Combat”.

But Halo has had a grip on my since just before ODST. However it appears that while I am eager to getting H2A and H5 in the next 18 months or whenever these materialize, that I am not destined short term to stay as active in the community.

Its nothing to do with Halo 4s quality. I feel Halo bottomed out with Halo Reach and Halo 4 got momentum back. Halo 4 has some outstanding new gametypes and features I love!

As someone with a long history of sports in my life, Ill use a sports analogy. I believe I have hit 3 strikes with Halo that spell at the very least a break for me in the active Halo community, if not something much longer. Ill be clear though again, I will be there on release night for whatever Halo has down the line. On the virtual Halo battlefield, I think Ill always be there!

    STRIKE 1

    Firstly my favorite Halo Podcast, Postgame Carnage Report, recently went non Halo format. It’s a shame, because for a long time they had great Halo chat and insight. But over the last few months it was a Halo trainwreck within the opinions between hosts of the show. So to switch over to an “All games” podcast is what I believe was a trade off to stopping the show entirely. (The show stopping was speculation on my end not a conformation.) Although they have 2 of my favorite personalities in the podcasting world on their hosting teams, I won’t listen going forward. It won’t be the same hearing their voices, yet not hearing Halo talk. (Better put GOOD Halo talk) PGCR will continue to be a great podcast I am sure, but without Halo, I will genuinely feel sad listening.

    STRIKE 2

    BS Angel is taking a promotion at 343, and good for her. She was a great community manager and her career is seemingly taking the next step. Bravo is now community manager. All I can think of is when I have heard or read anything from Bravo it always pushing MLG/PRO/Competitive Halo. I feel he wont understand all the fans, the vast majority casual or non competitive players. To quote line from a friend Robowski on a recent non related topic, I feel Bravo is ‘Too Corporate’. Angel had a great sincerity and honest to goodness feel she cared about everyone in community. Bravo will have to kiss a lot of babies and shake a few non golden pro players hands to get that kind of street cred. In fact it’s a far enough journey he has that I don’t wait to wait and see for now.

    STRIKE 3

    Everyone seems to think they know how to make Halo games better than the pros who make it. I can’t really think of a podast, blog or active forum in the Halo universe that doesn’t talk down to 343. Saw the same thing in Close Combat. Hell I WAS HIRED TO MAKE CLOSE COMBAT after modding it for a few years. All of a sudden people feel resent in why they aren’t being asked or even paid to help. New versions are attacked by the community to serve their own interests/notoriety.. its happening with Halo. I question as I type in fact if I am doing that very same thing right now. Seems I am giving flack out to a lot of Halo community people recently.. so its in the best interests of community I too take a break to either avoid going to or backing out of the hypocrite zone!

But really, wherever I go, its negative Halo talk that makes me upset. When a hobby makes you upset, you need at the very least a break. Fact is a got a big mouth and love to talk. What I say gets me into trouble a lot, so I am sincerely telling you that I am not ragging on Halo community to boost myself with a blog or anything. I like creating things, that’s all.

I have publically let a lot of people know I have moved on to Titanfall for now. Yeah, Ill be creating stuff, and trying to keep positive vibes around this incredible game. Fact is Titanfall may be the next series I have a love affair with after Close Combat and Halo…

But I have real hope the stars can realign and that love affair with Halo is back as strong as ever. You will see me playing Halo going forward, but I will not be putting time into community much anymore.



3 thoughts on “Halo Community Hiatis

  1. Sorry you feel that way Gagnon. There will always be positivity in the community as long as you look for it. In regards to strike three, I think some of the criticism and feedback stems from raw passion and from time to time people can get carried away. I’m guilty of that myself. Yes there are negative figures in the community but it’s important for those that love the game and appreciate the work done to keep it alive stick together.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

    • Im sure Ill be back when the next Halo hits the Xbone. Im not an all star, but I feel I have at least tried to promote parts of Halo community, mostly around the toymations.

      Again, if I am bitter I am not helping.. Im sure a little time away will refresh the batteries! We might need to reccomend this to a few good people in community who might need it as well!

  2. It’s funny isn’t it? We all become so attached to the things we love that we end up believing that we have ownership of them in some way? Halo has been a wonderful series and without it (and its community) we probably would’ve never started this blog.

    Me and Quim started playing Halo with the very first game way back in the days of the original Xbox, we have always loved it and the extended fiction, we even had a great time with Halo 4 for a good few months but for me it just seemed to be missing some appeal, maybe it was the gameplay changes, maybe it was because our heads had been turned by other titles it could even be because Halo just wasn’t Halo anymore but we will all always remember those games and the time spent with them fondly.

    Bungie departing from the helm of the Pillar of Halo was always going to be a difficult time but I do still firmly believe that the 343 team consists of enough Halo experience and genuine love for the game to get the job done right, yes there are problems, there will always be problems, especially in our current gaming climate of high pressure, target driven business but don’t forget how much blood, sweat and tears these guys put into crafting a title that they can only hope will please a such a huge community filled with people who all love Halo for very different reasons.

    At the end of the day we’re all here because we love Halo and I remember a time when that was enough to unite us all under one flag, our opinions may not align but we can all agree on one thing……. COD sucks balls.

    eremenko – out.

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