TITANFALL (Multiplayer only or not) IS AWESOME!

Have had a good first week playing Titanfall. But of course outside playing it, (While I have my morning coffee as I get up and scope out the internet prior to going to the office) I look at forums and games sties habitually and of courserecently it is dominated by TF banter. While most notes on TF are positive, one thing keeps getting thrown out there that has been being tossed around for months around the lack of single player and the fact you need to be online to play TF.

Ladies & gentlemen, I bring you this week’s blog.


Yes, you can ONLY play multiplayer and only play online with Titanfall. But there are people narrow minded enough to brush off TF just because of this. Let me pitch this weeks blog to you if you are this mindset and tell you why I (and I know many others) do not care about the lack of single player.

I think that a lot of gamers are saying “This is what I am used to getting in the past!” when it comes to games. Thus “Titanfall doesn’t come with single player camp! How can they charge $60 for half of what I normally get!?”

I think the mentality behind that is wrong. Gamers should, at the very least, ask “What am I getting now?” (As opposed to in the past)

As far as what we got in past, it should be noted that there are successful SINGLE PLAYER ONLY games out there, like Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. These sold for regular $60 cost. While there are not tons of single player only games that ‘top the charts’ there none the less are some. So why couldn’t a multiplayer only do the same?

So the question is then, “What do we get?”

Well we mostly got an entire team dedicated to taking that multiplayer only game and not worrying about single player. Face it, if you’re going to take the gamble and go either way on the single/multi side, you sure as s*** better make sure your final product in whatever way you go is amazing. IMHO the boys at Respawn have done this.

The game play is fluid. With the havoc and chaos that happens left right and center on such a massive map, it’s quite impressive that there aren’t any major lag or frame rate issues. As I type this I can honestly say only twice in game did I have an in game stop and delay for serer connection with both times lasting less than 10 seconds. I get this with my baby, Halo 4 regularly even more than 15 months after release.
It’s true that they didn’t go full 1080p at launch in order to keep frame rate stable, hell that’s a good thing! Because it’s been very stable. Frankly while I do want full 1080, and hope they impliment that shortly as promised, I have been having so much fun playng it, have not noticed any visual shortcomings!

Titanfall is very polished. Yes, I am playing on the next gen console so it’s got more that can be done that the 360 to pretty it up. But just cause you have the ingredients doesn’t mean you know how to cook! Yet here at release we have a game that is in incredible shape. It’s the first Titanfall and it looks and important to note PLAYS like they have been making the game for years. Again, simply it’s very ‘Polished’.
The 16 maps TF comes with are incredibly impressive. In fact, although I admit that it boils down to opinion, I will challenge to find any game of this genre that has a better set of maps at launch. Hell, even CLOSE to it.

Now, some of the special/little things that stand out why I love this game and help me accept multiplayer only.

    1: Once a game is over, it isn’t quite over, and it’s a run to the dropship for the loser. It’s so much fun that after a long or short game, one sided or not, you all of a sudden have a final dash to try to secure some points from a loss or totally shut down whoever you just beat with this feature. It is always a rush!

    2: The mech/human balance. Of course this was always going to be in question. A Titan is just so fierce that if you’re not in one, many of us thought you were fodder. Yet players both in and not in a Titan have advantages and disadvantages. The maps help with this too, there are areas where you’re out of a Titan you can hide and wait to blast one, yet as I found myself once doing such I turn around and a titan cannon reaches in and BOOM, I’m dead! THAT’SSOAWESOME! *I take a deep breath* There is good balance where in balance would simply be a disaster.

    3: Learning curb. For those who might not follow my blog or heard me on any podcasts I have been on, I love gaming, especially Halo, BUT I SUCK AT GAMES. I have a longer than normal learning curb for a games basic flow and controls. Yet honest to god, Titanfall is easy to pick up as far as controls and ‘special moves’. Sure tactics are something always changing and having to learn. But when I first saw wall running and jet packing I thought I couldn’t do it. But it’s very easy to learn and use.

    4: Burn Cards/Perks. Ah yes, the great debate! Like what makes COD/Halo people at each other’s throats. How do you reward people who put time into the game without making noobs joining in month later being too far behind to contend? Well burn cards work awesome. You get an advantage, but only once, and hell, you don’t have to use it in a particular game though its equipped to go. Considering you build up to earn them over time, not just one game, it works for a hacker like me! Yet if you’re really good, you earn them faster. I think it’s a fair balance.

    5: Customizing/Weapon Selection.. While choice is good. The sheer amount of weapons say COD has coupled with add ons makes customization often a daunting task. Not only time consuming and often needing to do your homework you may not be willing to do, this is where the balance between hardcore and noob players can be WAY off. I like the smaller range of weapons and add ons you can work with. Again, best of both worlds for vets and noobs. I mean when you see a Titan equipped with ‘INSERT SET UP’, it won’t take too long to learn what you need to do or avoid to counter it. When there is dozens of different combinations, it can be too big a task to do and becomes just that.. a task, not a game.

    6: Game types. There aren’t too many too chose from to dilute community. Yet they have the core ones there. Sure, as time goes by they’ll add things. But honestly, I hope they don’t add too many. This point is really a matter of opinion. But it’s one I know a lot of people can agree with.

Here are some realities that I accept that are being thrown around as negatives at launch for TF that I dotn see as issues, if you don’t agree, then I smply say you need to frankly accept we just have to live with it.

While there have been server issues, mostly because of XBL, this wasn’t total surprise. This is launch of a very much anticipated game with thousands of new X Bones purchased just for this day! Happened with 2 versions of Halo and 1 of COD I got over last 6 years or so.

No matter what, companies know a lot of people are willing to pay $60 for a single or multiplayer game only. No doubt that sooner or later a game will have 2 versions, 1 multiplayer and 1 single player and charge $60 for each. People will buy like sheep doing their homework or not. Some of these games on their own will be worth the money, no doubt some wont. But Titanfall is worth $60 in my books, and yeah, I took a leap of faith to some degree. Thankfully it was right move!

Would I like a TF single player campaign? Sure, but hey, I am a multiplayer guy. So I would play it maybe twice if it exisited. In a nutshell, that is bottom line for me on SPC.

In the end, do you have fun playing the game as it is multiplayer and online only? “Yes”

And finally “What am I getting now with Titanfall?” I am getting a fun “bar raising” gaming experience that is worth my $60 and no doubt will have me enjoying hours upon hours of fun for many months. Seems to be alot of good games I bought in the past and gave me both single and multiplayer options in one package gave me the same fun. Actually they often gave me LESS fun!

See you on the Frontier!



1 thought on “TITANFALL (Multiplayer only or not) IS AWESOME!

  1. Good points on Titanfall, I’ve had so much fun playing it and while the story does pass pretty quickly during scenes (or I have a small attention span) the single player set up hasn’t bothered me one bit. When I got it at Gamestop the guy there commented “Hey FZero was single player and it was a great game” and I’m inclined to agree with both games. PS: Also there’s dragons in one stage! That’s got to count for something.

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