The TBoD Podcast – 31 – Watch Dogs Loses Ball

Hello wannabe futuristic city hackers,

Another week and another raft of stories in the gaming industry, some good and some bad.

On this podcast we discuss a few next-gen stories: –

The delay of both Watch Dogs and Drive Club and how that affects next-gen launch in general as well how one outlet is cancelling bundles that included these games.

The PS4’s Red Line of Death.

Microsoft’s further push into TV Programming with show on street soccer.

The Wii U’s recent sales jump.

We also get retro with the return of Road Rash and a 3D remake of the original GTA, as well the 8 bit inspired awesome game “Fist of Awesome”

Also we comb through the latest Q&A with Dave Dunn of Bungie.

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6 thoughts on “The TBoD Podcast – 31 – Watch Dogs Loses Ball

  1. Gentlemen,
    Another fine cast, thank you guys for making it happen.

    You’ve got to get the video up of eremenko waving – the sense of belonging it would engender staggers the mind.

    I’m hoping next show you’re going to tell us about the newly-revealed Beyond Two Souls: Captain Planet DLC. By your powers combined … !

    The new sound for the quick-fire stat was spot on. The horse whinny sold it for me.

    “You Are Not The Hero” does sound like a lot of fun. I enjoy when fans love something and then look at it from every angle, like the Stromtrooper that gets blown away on the Death Star for just doing his job, etc.

    Let me know if you have a Halo 3 game night (or morning!). If I’m not at work I’d love to be there.

    Thanks for the good Road Rash memories – I had forgotten about the epicness that was the roll off you bike 🙂

    • Hello Knightly, Glad you liked the cast, we are starting to feel like we are getting a bit better at it now. What did you reckon to our new theme tune as well? All feedback is welcome good or bad, helps us make a better podcast. We will keep you posted with regards to Halo 3. Apparently it’s got a bigger population than H4 right now? Crazy.

      • I really enjoyed the music – I listened to the last two episodes out of order so I didn’t even know that was the official intro music at first.

        At first I thought it was a sweet remix (at least the beginning) of a Halo track before rocking hard at the end. Nice to know who did the chanting 🙂

        I hadn’t heard about the population for Halo 3 being bigger, but it doesn’t surprise me if that’s the case. With the continued support for the older Halo games, it makes me hope “Halo 2 Anniversary” can still happen. Here’s hoping!

  2. I forgot to mention – thank you for the kind words about the look of the site!

    It’s actually just a free theme called “Grisaille”. I’m really happy with how the refresh turned out, and the banner from Hemlax over at makes everything come together.

    He put that together free of charge and it’s fantastic!

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