The TBoD Podcast – 28 – Eurogamer Queue Expo 2013

This week took a jaunt to The Big Smoke for this years Eurogamer. We got to experience some of the latest and greatest next-gen queues, and at the end of those queues we got  to play some sweet games. This podcast is about those games, and queues.

The games we got to play were: –

On PS4: – Blacklight Retribution, Octodad Dadliest Catch, Driveclub, Knack, Resogun,

On Xbox One: – Battlefield 4, Titanfall, Dying Light.

On PC/Occulus Rift HD: – Dream, Surgeon Simulator (Rift), Skipping Stones.

On iOS/Android: – Fist of Awesome, Framed.

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4 thoughts on “The TBoD Podcast – 28 – Eurogamer Queue Expo 2013

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  3. Gentlemen,
    Appreciate the breakdown, next best thing to being there – how I envy your private jet use!

    Sorry about the CoD player – I wanted to smack him, and I wasn’t even there 🙂

    Quim’s hunger rage, much like a tornado, is something I’d like to see but never experience.

    I was excited to hear your hands on with Oculus Rift – TBoD was the first place I heard about it, so to hear you guys finally get to use the device was cool. It’s not hard to imagine that gaming perpetual being standard in the next next console launch.

    Titanfall had looked like a lot of fun, but you hear your experience of playing it really made it something I want to look for – well done.

    • Good to hear from you as always good sir. Glad you enjoyed the rundown, I’m now lost in a dream world in which the TBoD has a renewed cross channel permit so we could have you collected and all attend together.
      Titanfall really is something special and will undoubtably be a console seller.
      Thanks for your kind words man it make doing all this worthwhile knowing people are getting something out of it.
      Stay awesome.

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