The TBoD Podcast – 26 – Right in the Googles.

Bonjour Baggers.

Welcome to a super bumper jumper edition of The TBoD Podcast. We go loooonnngg!

In this episode loads of stuff, here is some of it: –

All this and a heap more. Please leave us some words in the comments, preferably in a coherent sentence, thanks.

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2 thoughts on “The TBoD Podcast – 26 – Right in the Googles.

  1. Another episode well played – thank you for the content!

    Scrunch or fold? Only TBoD answers the hard-hitting questions, and I love you for it.

    Even though I don’t get to play as many games as I would like (and who does?), hearing about them is the next best thing. Minecraft, Battlefield, etc. – keep it coming. Getting insights into the these games not only lets me know what the cool kids are playing, but gets me looking for how these games are improving the gamer’s landscape.

    Nice to hear a Donkey Kong shout out, especially in a Mario Kart context. I used to watch a friend play though Donkey Kong Kountry back in the day – good stuff. I was (and am!) a Bowser guy when it comes to karting, however.

    I fully support climbing the highest point of any game,whether it helps the team or not 🙂

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