TBoD Podcast – 25 – GTA V PAX a Punch

We are back again to drop back on a few things in the realm of games.

This week we talk about two games that caught our eye at PAX Prime (full round up coming next week): – Those being the monochromatic adventure Betrayer and the highly capable Telltale Games’ A Wolf Among Us

We examine why the freshly announced Nintendo 2DS is much better than many make out.

Then in a special section we discuss some of the latest news for GTA V and why we are getting so hyped about it.

If you like the look (or sound) of any of what we discuss today leave a comment, thanks.

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7 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast – 25 – GTA V PAX a Punch

  1. A totally new Zelda would be the only thing that could get me to buy a Wii U. I just played through Wind Waker about 4 months ago so I’m not in any rush to go back in. I’m totally buying the limited edition version of the game though, cause I want that Ganon statue. I’ll get a Wii U to play it on eventually. I like a year, when it’s dirt cheap. Wind Waker is probably my favourite Zelda game, tied with Majora’s Mask, and Ocarina, and Twilight Princess… and all of them.

    I remember hunting for Bigfoot for hours and hours. Back then I didn’t really understand that games were just a collection of files and code. I though literally anything was possible. Good times. There was a bunch of sasquatches in Undead Nightmare so I think there will be some type of easter egg in GTA V.


    • Yeah I would love that Statue but I just can’t justify it at the moment. I will play the remake one day …. but probably not anytime soon.
      What are your thoughts on a link between worlds? In many ways I see it as a step backward, being a big fan of Phantom Hourglass and “The other one” (spirit tracks) I’m a little disappointed to see them change tack so dramatically with the direction of the latest handheld installment.

      I never actually went out of my way to hunt bigfoot but I spent a lot of time riding bikes through the countryside looking for adventure and I never even knew about the rumour …. there was that one time I saw something moving through the trees though ….

      Can’t wait to hit up the streets of Los Santos with your brother I hope you live up to the title of ‘slinger.

      Thanks for listening, visiting and supporting us through your comments and observations dude.

      • I think A Link Between Worlds looks really interesting. I did play Phantom Hourglass (and loved it, mostly ’cause Linebeck is the best character in the entire series), but I didn’t play Spirit Tracks (I will eventually). A link between worlds might not be as ‘adventury’ as the others but if it introduces some new mechanics then it could be worthwhile. It’s the best we’re gonna get until Nintendo get off their ass and release a new console Zelda anyway (Majora’s Mask HD would be very acceptable too).

        I’ve also still not played Skyward Sword. I was planning on playing it before GTA hit, but that doesn’t look likely now since I discovered a little game called Dark Souls. I’ll do my best to play Skyward later this year though. I made a shameful list of like 60 games I haven’t played yet from the last 25 years or so, and I’ve been forcing myself to work through them. So I’m in no rush to get a next gen console. I still need to play some games that were made before I was born.

        As for living up to the title of ‘slinger’, I’m afraid not. I’m very good at crashing vehicles at high speeds though. Just you wait.

      • Hope you’re enjoying GTA 5 man, looking forward to tearing up LS with the crew. Linbeck is a quality character I love the whole DS LoZ universe tbh. Skyward Sword is excellent IMO it makes up for the lack of power in the Wii with love and motion controls though I kinda wish there were more epic sword duels.

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