TBoD Podcast – 24 – Super Master Chief Brothers

Greetings consumers of interactive media, here are bringing you Episode 24 of The TBoD Podcast and it’s a doozie.

Before diving into the show proper we show our disapproval toward Connor White, Co-Founder of the AGL and his blatant cheating in the Halo Global Championship.

We then talk about the numerous announcements from Xbox camp since our last show, including the Project Spark beta and Steve Ballmer’s retirement.

We cover Sony’s explanation for their several verbal salvos at Microsoft and the cross-platform party chat they plan on implementing.

We also preach on Batman, Beyond Two Souls and Dice and Destiny.

Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think, we will be sure to give you a shout out next show.

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9 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast – 24 – Super Master Chief Brothers

  1. happy to see you guys spreading the word and thank you for the shoutout. Might I haz huge freaking boner because Billy Mitchell was mentioned. Greatest movie ever!!! Can’t wait to finish this episode but for now I’m going to bed thinking about your seductive voices!

    • No need for thanks, your show highlighted an issue we thought sucked and although we don’t really do Halo on the cast (because there is no need between you guys and DH), we do class ourselves as part of the community, like gagnon said if u don’t agree then speak up.

  2. Gentlemen,
    Per usual, enjoyed it. I remember the watching the two different Sonic cartoons and thinking how weird it was to have a “serious” Sonic on with his friends being robotized and the other with more light-hearted animation and chili dogs.

    I’m with Quim – cartoons with food are just better,

    Glad to hear you had some action back in Pitfall (The Pit), and sorry I missed you this past weekend! I looked on in envy – green envy even – as Currer dolled out some sweet games. Cheers.

    Battlefield + Star Wars = AWESOME. I loved the Battlefront games, and bringing the polish that DICE would to the franchise makes both the shooter fan and Star Wars fan in me squeal with little girl joy.

    I second Quim’s call for Eremenko to see the rest of the Nolan Batman trilogy – good times! And I have you guys to thank for understanding Bane’s voice – your dulcet English tones have helped me understand many a villain’s monologue 😀

  3. Never mind Battlefront, I need Republic Commando 2. The first one was incredible. Better than most of the Halo games. I’m actually considering getting Battlefield 4 too. I don’t usually play that sort of stuff but it looks really fun. I did play a little bit of Bad Company 2. I got a chopper to fly for almost 8 seconds before it crashed once. I’m sure I can beat that record this time round.

    I’m not getting either console at launch but I’ll probably get a PS4 for Christmas so hopefully there’s some actual games by then.

    And everyone knows the best Dice game will be the new Mirror’s Edge. Just the facts. #Dealwithit

      • I’ve never played RC. The great thing about the Star Wars universe is the scope. It’s one of the movie franchises to consistently release critically acclaimed games. Yes there is some rubbish out there too but I pray for success with the forthcoming titles.

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