TBoD Podcast – Episode 20 – The Cable Guys

Ello Ello Ello,

Welcome to a bit of a landmark for us, Episode 20 of our little old podcast.

The boys mark the occasion by talking about cables for a bit then share their latest foray into games they have played this week.

They then get their pundit on with regards to the latest Xbox One and PS4 news and non news aswell as the latest exciting tech news out of camp Nvidia.

Finally they answer a listener question from last week on what franchises would make us choose one console over the other.

We had a bit of fun (and ice cream) making this one and would love to hear your thoughts, leave us a comment or tweet us. Cheers me dears.

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8 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast – Episode 20 – The Cable Guys

  1. I got a Cintiq a few weeks ago. I’m finding it hard to paint digitally after like 19 years of traditional painting though. And yeah it’s very, very expensive. I could only get the smallest one.

    I’m not getting either console until I see a game worth buying one for. But let’s be honest I’m almost certainly getting a PS4. You know, unless 343 industries actually listens to what’s left of the Halo community… but that won’t happen. And ODST was the best Halo game FYI. That’s not even an opinion, it’s tru fax. I don’t mind leaving Halo behind now though because Silentium wrapped everything up so damn perfectly.

    • Silentium was a most excellent read. I still long for a resolution to the Chiefs involvement in the whole affair and and and we to just exactly what his destiny is.
      I loved ODST some of my fondest Halo memories are from playing firefight and finally beating that damn vidmaster challenge on uplift reserve such a buzz I just meant that a lot of people see it as an expansion rather than a standalone game.
      Never knew toy were an artist fella? What kind of stuff do you do?

      Thanks for listening as ever and for commenting keep your eyes peeled for more content coming soon.

      • Getting the Endure achievement is still probably my best Halo experience. Choppers + Uplift Reserve = endless fun.

        I mostly do paintings of local landmarks. Mostly just places along the coast and the Tyne etc. I’ve been trying a bunch of new creative stuff lately, but traditional painting is my true love. Well, that and video-editing.

        And I’m not going anywhere, as long as you keep making content, I’ll be here.

  2. Gentlemen,
    A bang-up job per usual. The TBoD towers get grander every episode – I love it.

    Make sure you mention the helipad; it was a great edition and made it much easier for me to stop over anytime I was in the area.

    Thanks for trying to tackle my question, but I apologize for not wording it clear enough – it wasn’t meant to manipulate your heartstrings, and it certainly wasn’t meant to make you feel like you had to a give a referendum on Halo 4, the franchise, or anything like that.

    I just wanted to know that if your favorite game come out only on one system, could that ever be a deciding factor in what you picked?

    To remove the contemporary setting,, I think of Super Mario Brothers. If back in the day there were more than Nintendos milling about and Super Mario Bros. 2 came out for a different system, I would have probably gone with that other system. I got so much out of the first game that I would have followed it wherever it went.

    But I understand what you said about following the developers, so no need to revisit.

    Quim your “Microsoft-at-poker-table-looking-over-at-the-high-stakes-Apple/Google-table” was genius and I’ve already used it with Currer to explain what the heck is going on. Brilliant.

    • No we know you weren’t trying to manipulate us really good sir. Sorry we ended up going somewhat off topic when talking about your question I guess that’s more of a reflection on our love of Halo and fear at loosing it than anything else.
      The Helipad was installed specifically for you to come and visit man, you know that, if we tell everyone else about it then it may not be free at all times for your arrival.
      Thanks for listening as always, thanks for the question again you really make us think with those q’s I know it had been in my mind all week from the moment I read it. Keep up the great work on ReactiveBias, it’s always a pleasure to read.

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