TBoD Castpocalypse – The Last of Us.

In this incredibly special episode Eremenko, Spacca Attacker and The Quim Ninja sit down to talk about The Last of Us and just how damn good this game is, no bullshit just admiration of the game and the powerful moments created within it.

[WARNING: – Spoilers and awesomeness throughout!]

Clicker on your Right button and ‘Save Link as’ to survive the infection.



2 thoughts on “TBoD Castpocalypse – The Last of Us.

  1. Awesome cast chaps, I wish I’d finished it earlier so I could join you guys. I was waiting for Joel to start singing over the end credits like.

    • What do you think he would’ve sang? I’m gonna guess “Been through the desert on a horse with no name”. Alternative answers on a postcard folks.

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