TBoD Podcast – 18 – Big Willy Style

It’s hot as balls out and Quim got the fever – the hay fever – but that doesn’t stop the TBoD Capo’s in their quest to cast.

In this Ep (between Quim’s sniffles) the lads share their views on the following news stories and points of interest: –

Microsoft’s plan (or lack thereof) to release the Xbox One in Japan.

Darth err Don Mattrick’s plan to get Microsoft to buy Zynga years ago.

Those launch day next-gen consoles all gone on Amazon.

They then get a little excited about GTA 5 gameplay shown in the latest trailer!

All of this plus the usual quick fire stats, dogs named Indie (minus the soundbyte) and how eremenko is going to blow a load on the Steam Sale

RIght Click->Save Link As to DL the Ep

Please leave us some comments people. Thanks.

Artists impression of blue Exoplanet discover by Hubble telescope

Artists impression of blue Exoplanet discover by Hubble telescope


4 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast – 18 – Big Willy Style

  1. Great cast gentlemen! Per usual I made myself a part of it, throwing in witty comments here and there and joining in the lively debate.

    Thankfully this is in the privacy of my daily commute so it;’s not weirdly disturbing. Weird, but not disturbing 🙂

    And thank you for the shout out as well! That was a nice surprise towards the end and I really appreciated it. Currer was right (that crafty minx!) – it is a little sad that we won’t be able to game for a while, but I know that time will pass soon enough.

    I applaud anyone (such as your fine selves) for weighing the good and bad of each console and making an informed choice you’re comfortable with – and you guys get bonus points for keeping the rest of us informed!

    Halo is a big deal for me so yes, that does sway my decision in this case. I think both consoles will be fantastic, and the consumer (hopefully) wins when you have two independent companies trying to outdo each other in awesome.

    I know you just put Episode #19 out, but I’ve got a question for #20 if you get a chance – what game (or game series) would be the tipping point for you guys in choosing a console? If the specs and “company mindset” stayed the same but a game like Destiny or Battlefield was only available for one or the other, would that have a big influence on your decision?

    • I’m glad that we have had an influence on making you look insane to other drivers as you laugh and witter on in your vehicle. We also thank you breaking our comment drought.

      We will be sure to answer this question on the big 20 and hopefully in the future have you on for a chin wag if you are willing?

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