Play Mobile: – Robot Unicorn Attack 2

If you are an O.G. Teabagger you may recall just over a year ago a post where I highlighted the mental and addictive Robot Unicorn Attack as a must play mobile game. This gem was as rare as the mythical metallic mare that was featured in-game. Well RUA2 is certainly sired by the same beast but this steed of steel and steam comes fully loaded with a bunch of extra’s to keep you galloping long into the sunset.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

The 80s tunes are back and in full force and although this iteration has a jukebox, which offers a varied selection to the player (including the original song from RUA1), it does so via micro transactions. Now the two free songs for those frugal gamers are as ridiculous as the game itself, in my opinion they don’t quite match the hoof tapping majesty of Erasure featured in the original game.

If the first RUA was a wild stallion then I guess the sequel could be described as more trained for dressage. RUA2 has been brushed profusely – no shit in its tail or anything – giving you a very glossy visual experience in-game and also providing you with the ability to completely customise your colt. Whether you are looking to clad dobbin in very portal-esque turret plating, have it mane set aflame or just a nice pink UV horn then its RUA2 Customizationthere for you.

Pimping out your pony isn’t the only carrot on a stick there to encourage you to play as Adult Swim have incorporated Daily online challenges. So once you jump the relevant hurdles and hit a certain level you can choose a side, Team Rainbow or Team Inferno. From there your play time will contribute toward the eternal equine battle and, if victorious, you and your stable mates will be rewarded with in-game credits which can be spent on whatever shiny upgrade or in-game power up your mechanized heart desires.

The game itself does operate on the free to play model, which I personally don’t have any Rainbow Vs Infernoproblem with, as I can play this happily for free. But if you just can’t wait to make your horse look like a hoofed terminator then credits can be bought. My only criticism, which is a small one, is that for those who wish to play for free it does take quite a while to accrue a decent amount of points to unlock any permanent upgrades for your bronco. However if you are happy to trot along and are just playing for the fun of it then it really isn’t too much of an issue. The game doesn’t fall in the pay to win category and that’s what counts.

Since I am almost out of equine based puns I think I best round this up by saying RUA2 is every bit as fun as its predecessor, so if you are looking for an enjoyable funny mobile game to pick up and play without having to pony up then this is a dead cert.


2 thoughts on “Play Mobile: – Robot Unicorn Attack 2

  1. I got my “Portal” Robot Unicorn in two days of free playing. So…i think you can get what you want rather quick without paying any money – if you don’t crash, of course ;D

    • You must have taken off at a gallop, I personally only ever really get to a trot playtime wise, jumping on to play 10 minutes here and there.

      Thanks for the comment by the way, always like to hear from a fellow unicorn. Where did you find us by the way? Via the podcast, through google or just WordPress?

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