TBoD Podcast – Episode 16 – Aint no Party like a StreetPass Party.

Crinbot joins us like a spectre to help us journey through the games of Christmas past, present and future.

We blather on about how the U.S. Government could be bringing in a bill that may affect the operation of the Kinect for the XBone, we get all up in that indie ass when we talk about upcoming free-running zombie game Dying Light and Sony’s latest moves in their pledge toward indie developers. – in particular their imminent releases for the PS Vita.

We also get a little wet over the wave physics in the Frostbite 3 feature video which looks amazing.

Then we talk about our day at the N.E.R.G event, recounting some of the retro games we played, merch we bought and of course give you a blow-by-blow of all the StreetPasses eremenko collected on his Nintendo 3DS

And of course this wouldn’t be the TBoD Podcast if we didn’t show Destiny a little love.

Please leave us a comment if you have anything on your mind about the show, something would like to hear us cover or just gaming in general. Cheers big ears.

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4 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast – Episode 16 – Aint no Party like a StreetPass Party.

  1. A big problem is that all the data is saved, and they have the ability to alter the data. So that email you send to your mate saying ” I’d love to bum that lass next door” becomes ” i’d love to bomb the atlas. Next, Ecuardo!”

  2. Well this was depressing to listen to. I’ve been getting treatment at the hospital so I couldn’t go to NERG. Sounds awesome. 😥

    Do you guys have animal crossing by the way? I’d love to visit your towns and post offensive messages on your bulletin boar- uh I mean… hang out.

    • We don’t have it personally but one of our part time contributors Zoiie does and she’s working on a post to put up about it. I’m trying to convince my girlfriend that she needs to get it so that I can play it haha.

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