TBoD Podcast – Episode 20 – The Cable Guys

Ello Ello Ello,

Welcome to a bit of a landmark for us, Episode 20 of our little old podcast.

The boys mark the occasion by talking about cables for a bit then share their latest foray into games they have played this week.

They then get their pundit on with regards to the latest Xbox One and PS4 news and non news aswell as the latest exciting tech news out of camp Nvidia.

Finally they answer a listener question from last week on what franchises would make us choose one console over the other.

We had a bit of fun (and ice cream) making this one and would love to hear your thoughts, leave us a comment or tweet us. Cheers me dears.

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TBoD podcast – episode 19 – Return of the Red-eye

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Down to just the dynamic duo for the second week in a row Quim and eremenko discuss what they’ve been up to in gaming this week along with a whole host of gaming news including;

Oculus Rift pricing

Photo-Realism in next gen consoles

One Finger Death Punch in our Indie spotlight

a loop hole that allows you to buy an Xbone or Ps4 on the cheap

and much much more, give it a listen and feel free to agree or disagree in the comments below.

TBoD Castpocalypse – The Last of Us.

In this incredibly special episode Eremenko, Spacca Attacker and The Quim Ninja sit down to talk about The Last of Us and just how damn good this game is, no bullshit just admiration of the game and the powerful moments created within it.

[WARNING: – Spoilers and awesomeness throughout!]

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TBoD Podcast – 18 – Big Willy Style

It’s hot as balls out and Quim got the fever – the hay fever – but that doesn’t stop the TBoD Capo’s in their quest to cast.

In this Ep (between Quim’s sniffles) the lads share their views on the following news stories and points of interest: –

Microsoft’s plan (or lack thereof) to release the Xbox One in Japan.

Darth err Don Mattrick’s plan to get Microsoft to buy Zynga years ago.

Those launch day next-gen consoles all gone on Amazon.

They then get a little excited about GTA 5 gameplay shown in the latest trailer!

All of this plus the usual quick fire stats, dogs named Indie (minus the soundbyte) and how eremenko is going to blow a load on the Steam Sale

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Please leave us some comments people. Thanks.

Artists impression of blue Exoplanet discover by Hubble telescope

Artists impression of blue Exoplanet discover by Hubble telescope

Play Mobile: – Robot Unicorn Attack 2

If you are an O.G. Teabagger you may recall just over a year ago a post where I highlighted the mental and addictive Robot Unicorn Attack as a must play mobile game. This gem was as rare as the mythical metallic mare that was featured in-game. Well RUA2 is certainly sired by the same beast but this steed of steel and steam comes fully loaded with a bunch of extra’s to keep you galloping long into the sunset.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

The 80s tunes are back and in full force and although this iteration has a jukebox, which offers a varied selection to the player (including the original song from RUA1), it does so via micro transactions. Now the two free songs for those frugal gamers are as ridiculous as the game itself, in my opinion they don’t quite match the hoof tapping majesty of Erasure featured in the original game.

If the first RUA was a wild stallion then I guess the sequel could be described as more trained for dressage. RUA2 has been brushed profusely – no shit in its tail or anything – giving you a very glossy visual experience in-game and also providing you with the ability to completely customise your colt. Whether you are looking to clad dobbin in very portal-esque turret plating, have it mane set aflame or just a nice pink UV horn then its RUA2 Customizationthere for you.

Pimping out your pony isn’t the only carrot on a stick there to encourage you to play as Adult Swim have incorporated Daily online challenges. So once you jump the relevant hurdles and hit a certain level you can choose a side, Team Rainbow or Team Inferno. From there your play time will contribute toward the eternal equine battle and, if victorious, you and your stable mates will be rewarded with in-game credits which can be spent on whatever shiny upgrade or in-game power up your mechanized heart desires.

The game itself does operate on the free to play model, which I personally don’t have any Rainbow Vs Infernoproblem with, as I can play this happily for free. But if you just can’t wait to make your horse look like a hoofed terminator then credits can be bought. My only criticism, which is a small one, is that for those who wish to play for free it does take quite a while to accrue a decent amount of points to unlock any permanent upgrades for your bronco. However if you are happy to trot along and are just playing for the fun of it then it really isn’t too much of an issue. The game doesn’t fall in the pay to win category and that’s what counts.

Since I am almost out of equine based puns I think I best round this up by saying RUA2 is every bit as fun as its predecessor, so if you are looking for an enjoyable funny mobile game to pick up and play without having to pony up then this is a dead cert.

TBoD Podcast – Episode 17 – Your Love is Like Brad Medicine

Teabag Or Die – Episode 17 – Your Love is like Brad Medicine

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This week we are joined on the show by Bradley from the belting North East Media and gaming (Nemandg).

The three of us discuss;

In XBone Zone

– Don Mattircks dramatic departure from Microsoft to join the ailing Zynga.

– The implementation of a new “Rep” system for Xbox live.

– The Activision rep that claims MS have to convince gamers their console is worth the extra hundred bucks.

In the all new section PSForeplay 

Sony agreeing a deal with UK mobile networks to make it easier for us to blast our cash on games.

Mark Cerny gets all nostalgic discussing PlayStation past, present and future at Gamelab in Barca (oh the difficult life of a game dev).

In gaming news we blather on about;

– BioShock infinite DLC

– Shoei Yoshida’s stance on the inclusion of PSeye (or whatever they are calling it)

– Google attempting to break into the console market

and finally what would an episode of TBod be without our weekly Destiny Jizz Fest.

Eavesdrop in on our comms and as always let us know what you think in the comments below.


InsaneCakes’ Top 5 Indie Games!

Here at TeaBag or Die, we’re suckers for great indie games. We commend anyone who takes their time to make their own game(s), and there truly are some incredibly talented individuals out there making some fantastic indie titles, whether they are on XBL Indie Games, PC or mobile, there truly are some great success stories.

However, it can be tough to sift through the huge amounts of indie titles to find those which are worth your time (and money). Currently, there are fairly poor systems for finding the best indie games, especially on the notorious Indie Games section the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. So, I thought I’d do the hard work for you, because I’m nice like that.

In no particular order, here are my top 5 indie games. Currently, that is. With the endless supply of indie titles streaming in across all platforms there are bound to be more that pique my interest.

Game Dev Tycoon (PC, Linux, Mac)


Game Dev Tycoon was developed by Greenheart Games, founded by brothers Patrick Klug and Daniel Klug. The game starts in the 80s and follows the evolution of gaming over a 30+ year period.

1M Platinum

You start out in your garage, with only the ability to develop simple games for a couple of platforms. You pick a topic and platform, then allocate the amount of time you wish to spend on each part of the game’s development and gain Design and Technology points based on this. Then the game gets reviewed and goes for sale. Over the course of the years, new systems are developed such as the TES (NES), Gamesphere (Gamecube) and the mBox (Xbox), and new research becomes available, which costs research points (earned whilst making games) and sometimes money, and you can move to a variety of offices and get employees. You can create your own game engines, featuring your researched things, which costs money but allows you to make better games. You earn fans from games and can attend the G3 convention (E3) which, like the marketing you can do, builds hype for your games.

My most successful game (so far), the aptly named Game Dev Tycoon 2, which gained me 316.6M in profit. *Victory dance*

My most successful game (so far), the aptly named Game Dev Tycoon 2, which gained me 316.6M in profit. *Victory dance*

The game is simple, addictive and fun. Occasionally the game can also feel slightly frustrating, but Greenheart are patching some of the issues with games you make that should be successful but fail, which will arrive when the Game Dev Tycoon comes to Steam later this year. Even still, when you make a successful game that scores great reviews and sells a lot it is an incredible feeling.

The game costs $7.99/£5.69(+VAT) and is well worth every penny. There’s also a free demo/trial, and people who bought the game (which is DRM-free) will get a Steam key later this year.

Thomas Was Alone (PC, Mac, PS3, PSVita)

thomas was alone

I won’t go into this one as much because Quim did a post on it awhile ago, but this game is a great platformer developed by Mike Bithell which follows on a group of different AI’s, which are coloured blocks. Each of the AI’s is the embodiment of a different human trait; for example, Claire, a large blue block worried about her weight but determined to be a superhero. Read Quim’s post for more.

Little Inferno (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Wii U)


Little Inferno is a simple game developed by Tomorrow Corporation (a team of 3 guys) that is set in a world where the temperature is constantly getting colder, and the only way to stay warm is to sit in front of your Little Inferno fireplace (made by the company Tomorrow Corporation in the game), buying things from catalogues and burning them. Burning them gives you more money than you spent, which you can use to buy more expensive things from the catalogues. Right.




The game is almost hypnotic. There is no way to lose and no penalties. It has a tragic, yet beautiful story told through letters that people send to you as you attempt to work out what is going on with the world. The art style of the game is perfect, and the game’s soundtrack is truly magical. A true wonder for your indie collection.

Mount Your Friends (XBL Indie Games)

This game is about… This game is… This game surrounds… This… Just watch the trailer, okay?


Developed by Daniel Steger, who comprises the entirety of Stegersaurus Games, this XBLIG gem is absolutely hilarious to play, and endlessly fun – especially when playing in multiplayer. Essentially, the player has to climb higher than the last person in less than 60 seconds, using the A, B, X and Y buttons to control each limb separately to climb the tower of testosterone-rich individuals on top of a goat. I never thought I’d say that before.


For just 80 Microsoft Points you really can’t go wrong. Go here and download the trial, you’ll soon see what I mean. Plus check out the other games Stegersaurus has made.



Fez (XBL Arcade, PC)


Fez is a puzzle/platform game developed by Polytron, and released on XBLA in 2012 and PC earlier this year. Fez is somewhat unique in that it is set in a 3D world, but always presented in a 2D perspective that can be rotated anytime in 90 degree intervals. As of it’s first birthday Fez has sold more than 200,000 copies on XBLA, which is incredible. 

The game has charming visuals and a fitting soundtrack to play along to as you and Gomez, the magical-fez wearing character you play play as, progress through the game’s countless worlds. Fez is endlessly replayable and entertaining for hours, and his full of hidden secrets.



Fez is another demonstration of just how far indie developers will go to make a game. The game took 5 years to develop and had to go through legal battles before release. Even after release it was subject to some controversies, as a patch that fixed some bugs caused some players’ (less than 1% according to Polytron) save files to read as corrupt. Polytron refused to fix the patch due to huge costs they’d need to pay Microsoft if they did. Ultimately this just shows how hostile the world can be to an indie developer, but it’s something that both Sony and Microsoft seem to be attempting to address, with Sony making indie self-publishing possible on the PS4 and Microsoft making patches free from now on. It’s about time.


Either way, Fez is still a fantastic game, and new players will not be affected by the issue with the patch. It’s available on Steam, XBLA, through the Humble Store and GOG for $9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points. It’s also coming to Ouya, Mac and Linux. You should get it. Why? Because it’s awesome, that’s why. Plus Polytron announced a sequel to it at the Horizon Indie summit held at E3 this year. Be sure to keep an eye out for more here.

So there they are. My top 5 indie games. But I’m curious, what are your favourite indie games and why? Drop a comment below and let us know!


Hey Ho RetRo!



Last Saturday we had the pleasure of attending NERG at the Gateshead International Stadium. Representing for Teabag or Die were eremenko, The Quim Ninja and Crinbot and we were thrilled to be joined by Bradley Hall from the excellent North East Media and Gaming site. We thought you all might be interested in seeing what we got up to so here is a selection of pics from some of the shows highlights.

Photo 29-06-2013 17 30 02

That’s right there’s a Sopranos pinball machine RIP Mr Gandolfini

Photo 29-06-2013 17 26 15

Point blank was one of only two light gun games on the show floor which was a shame but it was more than enough to keep us (trigger) happy.

Photo 29-06-2013 16 00 00

eremenko smashed the competition in Super Smash Bros. melee on the good old Gamecube.

Photo 29-06-2013 16 27 53

Four player Gauntlet machine was just epic although not as fun as we remembered it.

Photo 29-06-2013 16 12 05

Star Wars pinball complete with moving, whistling R2D2.

Photo 29-06-2013 15 07 35

It wouldn’t be a retro gaming con without the famous dungaree wearing plumber … Quim could not get enough of this.

Photo 29-06-2013 15 24 46

Even more retro Mario to delight all

Photo 29-06-2013 14 20 26

Turtles arcade could’ve been amazing but sadly Donatello wouldn’t move down due a joystick malfunction which greatly saddened eremenko…

Photo 29-06-2013 14 16 17

Millipede … nuff said.

Photo 29-06-2013 13 30 49

Missile commander …. look at those next gen graphics.


The game board for Sopranos pinball, what’s the boat all about? I don’t know I’ve never seen the show.


Starship Troopers Pinball, more exciting and action packed than Starship Troopers 2 ….


South Park pinball. Look there’s Mr Hankey, he popped up out of that toilet a lot.


You have never seen a grown man more excited than Quim was when this Star Trek the Next Generation Pinball table started playing the theme tune.

2013-06-29 17.31.51

Robotron … fucking Robotron!!!

2013-06-29 16.11.02

This is the face of delight that most of us made all day.

2013-06-29 15.46.34

I can’t remember the name of this one but I can assure you it needed every inch of concentration Quim is showing in this shot.

2013-06-29 14.41.06

Sadly the board for Atlantis the Pinball machine was slightly water damaged (badum cha).


The original Crazy Taxi arcade machine …. I dare you not to get excited about that.

You think all that is great? Well there was more to see. In addition to various arcade machines and classic games there were a whole host of folk showing off vintage and modified machinery, plus a whole plethora of tinker’s peddling the goods from their packs. Check out some of this stuff and I bet you’ll see something from days gone by that you wish you had been there to try or in some cases buy.

Photo 29-06-2013 15 05 44


Photo 29-06-2013 14 37 54

Oh what I wouldn’t give to own those games … oh wait I have that one … and that one .. still that’s insane.

Photo 29-06-2013 13 34 14

This thing! Oh hells yeah!


Wan’t to buy the original CE and limited edition Halo 2? Tough Quim got there first. No wonder he looks so Boss about it.

2013-06-29 14.26.12

Oh …

2013-06-29 14.26.08

My ….

2013-06-29 14.25.54


2013-06-29 14.25.47

Can you imagine owning this many games?

2013-06-29 14.25.42

Actually you probably can …. cause you do.

2013-06-29 14.25.34 2013-06-29 14.25.38 2013-06-29 16.17.52

The NEC TurboGrafX … the stuff of dreams … well my dreams anyway.

Photo 29-06-2013 16 00 03 Photo 29-06-2013 15 44 15

The GCN and it’s modified sister the Panasonic Q which played both Gamecube discs and DVD’s … revolutionary!

Photo 29-06-2013 15 51 22

Either that remote is massive or eremenko is tiny …. maybe it’s both actually.

Photo 29-06-2013 15 42 47

What kind of retro show would be complete without retro sweets…. eremenko went on a sugar crazed killing spree shortly after this photo was taken … it’s ok though the only people hurt were goombas and some henchmen.

That would just about round off our day but for a few chance encounters with some famous faces from the world of gaming. See if you can recognize any of these guys and girls.

Photo 29-06-2013 15 13 33 Photo 29-06-2013 13 45 35 DSC_0168

Were any of you in attendance at this event of epicness? Maybe you were one of the folk that eremenko picked up on his 3DS street pass?


Would you like to attend it if you could? Check out the official NERG website or their twitter @NERGofficial and keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities to take part in some past loving retro goodness. I’m off to play some Streets of Rage.

– eremenko

TBoD Podcast – Episode 16 – Aint no Party like a StreetPass Party.

Crinbot joins us like a spectre to help us journey through the games of Christmas past, present and future.

We blather on about how the U.S. Government could be bringing in a bill that may affect the operation of the Kinect for the XBone, we get all up in that indie ass when we talk about upcoming free-running zombie game Dying Light and Sony’s latest moves in their pledge toward indie developers. – in particular their imminent releases for the PS Vita.

We also get a little wet over the wave physics in the Frostbite 3 feature video which looks amazing.

Then we talk about our day at the N.E.R.G event, recounting some of the retro games we played, merch we bought and of course give you a blow-by-blow of all the StreetPasses eremenko collected on his Nintendo 3DS

And of course this wouldn’t be the TBoD Podcast if we didn’t show Destiny a little love.

Please leave us a comment if you have anything on your mind about the show, something would like to hear us cover or just gaming in general. Cheers big ears.

Right click and Save Link As to download episode.