TBoD Podcast – Episode 15 – Better Than Real Life.

Teabag Or Die Assemble!!!….Today we are almost at full force, with The Wach and Crinbot joining us for a chin wag.

We talk about Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Kanye and Kim’s Kid, a new gun shaped peripheral coming out which has some fancy features and the Occulus Rift getting Steroscopic 3D Video content!

Not only that but we talk about the Xbox One-eighty that occurred last week when Microsoft reversed their DRM plans. We also chat a bit about the PS4’s UI as seen in an advert and that was dissected by IGN.  Leave us a comment on anything we have discussed, we want to hear from you!

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7 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast – Episode 15 – Better Than Real Life.

  1. Man I forgot about Link’s Crossbow Training. I loved it. I played it to 100% completion in like a few hours but it was fun. I used the Zapper for Resi 4 too. I remember liking Red Steel a lot, but I think most of the charm of that game was getting to hold a gun sideways like a boss.

    I still have my Wii… somewhere… it only had like 4 good games (Twilight Princess, Endless Ocean, Okami, and Resident Evil 4, two of which are ports) but I still liked it. That said, I recently got Twilight on the Gamecube and it’s the superior version.

    Oh and The PS4 is still at number one on Amazon. The Xbox is at number 4. It’s even below Animal Crossing, as it should be. God I love Animal Crossing. Sleep is for the weak, and people without Animal Crossing.

    • Resi 4 was epic on Wii all the more involving for motion control. Also skyward sword is the bomb man… How have you not played that?

      Glad you’re loving animal crossing … we may have a little something special in the works for you on that front.

      Stay frosty brother.

  2. Hey. Still loving the podcast. I’m super pumped for the Oculus Rift. It seems like the future of gaming to me. I have to admit I’m failing to get excited for either the PS4 or the Xbox One right now. None of it seems that different to the current gen to me. Better graphics and fancy particle effects aside. Maybe the enhanced processing power and memory could give us some amazing AI routines that will blow me away but all in all E3 has left me thinking that my next big console purchase will have to be a 3DS. After that I’ll probably try and grab a PS3 and see what I’ve missed out on.

    The point I’m failing to make is that the Oculus Rift actually seems to offer something new to gaming. A jump the likes of which we haven’t seen since the days of Doom and Mario 64. An experience that will feel fresh. If either company can get in talks with the oculus rift creators then I’ll start taking note. I hope this happens as he thought of getting into the constant upgrade nonsense of the PC world still terrifies me.

    Looking forward to the next cast guys. Keep it up.

    • High praise and wise words Sir Woafington, yeah the Occulus Rict is something we have been keeping a keen eye on and is definitely something we would love to see on console, the lords of Sony have dev kits and bloody love it so fingers crossed. As for next gen I personally am pretty hyped, not only for some 64 player BF4 but for a shift in ecosystem when I get the PS4. Sure I have a PS3 but got it quite late in the game and don’t use it often, so to reverse the role and sack off MS for a bit will be nice. Anyway hope all is well and thanks for the support.

    • Woaf lives! We miss you. Yeah I’m with Quim, I think the huge open world environments and sheer amount of characters/players/items that the new machines will be capable of processing is going to make a big change to the way gaming worlds are created.
      3ds is a good shout too though I love everything about mine, took it to NERG yesterday for a bit of street pass action which you can hear about in the next ep which comes out tomorrow (shameless plug power Activate!).

      As always thanks for listening man, we would love for you to come on as a guest sometime of you ever feel up to it or feel the need to give the old pipes a practice run, no pressure but you’re always welcome here.

  3. Gentlemen,

    Just got caught up with the last two podcasts and really appreciated the game-related breakdown and banter. I’ve been unable to keep up with all the E3 goodness so having you guys give the highlights rocks, and rocks hard.

    I was also surprised by how this particular cast (Ep.15) ended up – I thought you guys were headed for an all-out brawl, but you pulled up and keep the class – nice! I agree with you that this has been a “good” console war so far, in that each company seems to be trying to outdo the other at every turn.

    The only thing better than a console war is hopefully waiting even longer for the next one 🙂

    • Hey Knightly thanks for your continued support it’s always a pleasure to hear from you.
      Yeah I was a little concerned about this cast boiling down to violence before we began but actually it was a lot more light hearted and jovial that I expected.

      At the time of recording there was so much information flying around in the wake of MS’ U-turn that it was actually really difficult to figure out which stories were true and which were bull. It’s difficult to get a footing and sling shit at your opponents when the ground beneath your feet is a minefield of phoney stories and misinformation. All said and done though any console war ends up being good for the consumers so the more focused ms and Sony are on outdoing each other the better the deal for us the gamer.

      Thanks again man good to see your name back in the comments list.

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