TBoD Podcast 13 – Zed’s Undead, Baby.

In this creepy cast we talk alot about zombies and the many new or upcoming games that are rising from the grave to stalk gamers to the ends of the post apocalyptic world.

We get our brain hungry teeth stuck into a plethora of Zed inspired titles including,

Day Z standalone,

State of Decay,

The Walking Dead,

The last of us

and The Flock

We also cover the usual gaming news including;

Spartan Assault,


Fuse and more.

In Xbone Zone we talk about the latest news from the forthcoming Xbox One.

Right Click and select ‘Save Link As’ to download episode,

Give it a listen and let as always feel free to make your case in the comments below.



8 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast 13 – Zed’s Undead, Baby.

  1. So you (TQM) say in one sentence that you like action games and story-driven games and then later say you don’t like ME. That is a story-driven, action-filled series, so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t like it. ME2 is exceptionally good, but I don’t recommend playing it without doing ME1 first.

    Regarding the ending of ME3…SPOILER ALERT

    There’s something much deeper going on than those three different colored lasers. You wouldn’t pick it up if you only watched the video because it actually starts towards the last part of the mission and isn’t part of a cutscene. Even if you played just ME3 you probably wouldn’t pick up on it because it’s something very subtle that goes throughout the whole series. If you pay close attention throughout the whole series, you will pick up on it (I have a friend who did) (I never had the chance to because someone told me of it before I could play the whole series). The ending quite possibly places the ME series as one of the greatest pieces of art to ever grace itself on the gaming community. However, it is heavily debatable due to how extremely subtle it is.

    So…MAJOR SPOILER ALERT – it is worth playing this entire series without the knowledge I am about to type, so if you have any plans of doing so, STOP HERE.

    TQM, since you seem to have no plan of playing the series, the Indoctrination Theory is what I’m talking about. Having played the entire series, I cannot explain all the events in the last mission and cutscene any other way. Even after (and during) playing ME3 the first time (before I knew about this theory), I sensed something was very wrong and didn’t make sense. Beautiful, well-done masterpiece in my book.

    • I do like story driven games, mainly in first person perspective (with exception to rockstar games) so that’s a bit of a turn off for me – as for action I find watching friends play the ME titles sucks, so boring, when friends would play it I had zero interest in wanting a go on it. When I watch someone play Halo it makes me want to play.

      From the 30 minutes of ME3 I played I literally couldn’t hack the dialogue, it was so cheesy and lacked any connection…and from a Halo fan that’s saying something 😉

      Just my opinion and I’m sure it has its merit but I just can’t connect with a character I couldn’t give a shit about.

    • I have to say I played ME 1 and 2 and while I enjoyed them over all I can understand why the game isn’t for Quim.

      As much as I agree that ME is an action title it does have a lot of RPG elements which obviously means the pacing is going to be slower than the essentially action driven titles like Halo, Battlefield and even BioShock.

      Having not played the last one or seem any of the endings I was apprehensive to read the end of the comment but I really wanted to see what you would say but I’m happy to report the ending has still not been spoiled by either your or Quims description.

      I have every confidence that BioWare will continue to have success with the ME series.

      • Nope. It looks promising but very unpolished. I’m going to wait until it releases on PC to get the best experience. Is the screen-tearing as bad as it looks in videos?

        Anyway, I just bought a 3DS online today in anticipation for the new Animal Crossing. I will need no other games for a few years after I get my hands on that. I will stop eating. I will stop sleeping. It will consume me. I know this, yet I cannot resist.

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